March 9, 2011

Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Valentine's Gifts for Him

All is not fair in love on Valentine’s day when guys seem to get the short end of the gift stick. Just check the advertising.

Commercials in February focus heavily on what he must lavish on her, not what she might buy to light up the night for him.

How inequitable that a guy’s Valentine’s Day gift is usually only the satisfaction he can get from her reaction to the present he gives her.

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Guys are to the point where they no longer even expect Valentine’s gifts, but a relationship-savvy woman like you wouldn’t let that happen. You’ll make sure he gets one to remember you by.

What Do You Buy for a Guy?

Most guys would like to see holidays like Valentine’s Day eradicated. To them, it’s a pest of a holiday, designed to make them remember yet another occasion.

Men have enough trouble keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries, much less trying to live up to the gift-giving standards society has created around the official day of love.

Surprising your guy with a great gift for V-Day is more than he would ever anticipate. Part of his thrill will be that you remembered his equal contribution to your love equation.

The other part will be the gift itself.

*Give Him Your Time

Valentine’s Day is a two-way street of love with green lights all the way–a reminder that the feelings you share are mutual and deep. The first step to putting the “Happy” in his holiday has got to be your availability. Don’t just pencil him in.

Permanently ink him into your Valentine’s Day free time. Warn your friends and family that you won’t be Facebook-ing. Use that silent setting on your cell and forget you even have a doorbell. Be exclusive, not elusive.

*Set that Mood

If your guy enjoys home-cooking but your schedules don’t allow the luxury, it’s time to plan his favorite dinner. Skip the same-old romantic restaurant and create a feast from scratch.

Most guys are fond of simple pleasures at home and there’s nothing more satisfying for him, outside of the bedroom, than a plateful of his special foods.

Jazz up the love meal with music he likes, banish the remote and don’t forget to light the candles. Make it your gift to him all the way from aperitif to dessert. Bonus points if the last course is you.

*Unexpected Pleasures

He’s not really thinking he’ll get much for Valentine’s Day, so turn him on his head with something he doesn’t see coming. Remember, it’s not about what he wants, it’s what he desires.

Any one of these gifts is sure to reap a big smile and all the other benefits that come with his “thank you”:

#1 – Lingerie

The ever visually-stimulated male would love that shock and awe waiting for him beneath your dress. Looking good for him, and only him, is one of the best presents you can ever give.

This may require that you book an advance spa treatment, hair styling, manicure and pedicure, but being good to yourself to gain his total focus is well worth the effort.

Don’t worry about the expense. It’s all in the name of love.

#2 – Boy Toys

Men are not boys but they never forget the pleasure of being one. Was he into model airplanes? Kites? Race cars? Roller skating? Marbles?

When you present him with a skateboard, you give him back his childhood and this time, you can be there with him. Just make sure the first aid kit is stocked.

Shop for his Valentine’s Day gift at the toy store. He’ll love you for rewinding his best childhood memories.

#3 – Go Go Gadgets

Men frequently enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together, especially without instruction manuals. He will spend hours, maybe days, programming, re-programming and showing off a slick new cell phone.

Making sure it contains features he will never even use adds value, since he’ll still get bragging rights. If he’s a Tool Time type, things that make noise, cut things and go fast are going to make him workshop-proud.

Who knows? He may even try to build those kitchen cabinets he promised you four years ago.

#4 – Sports Stuff

If you man is an athlete, anything you do to make his workout or his sport more fun to play or watch is going to satisfy him. Serious couch quarterbacks love clothes to match the game and memorabilia to go with it.

A pair of hard-to-get tickets to his number #1 team’s next big event would make his day. Tell him to invite a friend. Ten to one, he’ll ask you.

#5 – His Not-So-Secret Love – Men love their driving machines.

Officially recognizing that his automotive mistress is second only to you will shift him into overdrive.

Schedule an appointment to have his pride of the road hand-washed, de-dented and detailed. If you pamper his car baby, he’ll pamper you.

#6 – Go – This gift is one he won’t mind sharing.

The more spontaneous the love getaway, the more exciting it will be. This takes some serious pre-planning– maybe even a call to his boss telling him you plan to spirit your love away for a long weekend.

Scrap your schedules and head out to an isolated mountain or lake for adventure or a weekend of room service at a luxury hotel.

Disconnecting work pressure will reconnect romance!

Easy-to-Please Guys

He’s not expecting anything, which is exactly why you should go all out to give him something that will be special.

It doesn’t have to be expensive but it does have to be meaningful. If he’s Mr. Dinner and a Movie, then he’d probably like a Valentine’s Day with not much flash and dazzle.

Low-key love may be all he needs. If he wants to hold hands on the couch and watch Gladiator for the fifth time, you just got all the love at half the price.

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