March 12, 2016

Things NOT To Do On a First Date

Video Summary

In this video, Mirabelle Summers reveals the top mistakes women need to avoid on a first date.

Get a handle on your nerves

Of course, being nervous is natural but if you are too nervous and cannot get a handle on it then this is really off putting for your date and will mean that he or she will then start to feel nervous around you because attitudes are contagious. So when you find yourself slipping into a ball of angst, think about your date and how this will also affect them and get a grip on it before you spoil what could be something wonderful.

Let your date speak!

You want to go on your first date and find out about the person that you are with rather than just do all of the talking. You may think that talking shows you are confident and NOT nervous but actually, a lot of people associate over talking with someone who is trying too hard.

Let your date have space, and let them speak. Show an interest and become a good listener. Of course, still be chatty but know when to back off and don’t try and fill all of the gaps as this can be overbearing.

Don’t be a diva

You don’t need to be a Diva on a first date. Don’t overact, don’t try and present yourself as something or someone that you are not and don’t expect a man to do everything for you. Go as the nice real self that you are and let him see (and fall for) this you. Men come across Diva’s and their mood swings all of the time – stand out from the crowd and don’t be one.

About Mirabelle Summers

Mirabelle Summers is a dating and relationship expert who has helped thousands of women worldwide attract and find the man of their dreams.



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