March 13, 2016

The REAL Reasons People Breakup

Video Summary

In this clip, dating expert Clay Andrews sheds some light as to the real reason why people break up.

When things are good…

When things are going great in a relationship, you tend to overlook a lot of nuances. You’ll put up with his Sports Center marathon sessions even if you’ll never understand what a ‘touchdown’ is, and he deals with your Saturday night chick-flick choices, despite the fact that he’ll never be Ryan Gosling. We deal with our partners’ quirks and differences because there’s a lot of love shared between you two, and you’re similarly in good, happy places.

When things go awry

However, as soon as the relationship doesn’t feel good anymore, or when time apart feels better than when you’re both together, you reach a stage of unhappiness. As a result, you are less inclined to have the tolerance to deal with things that you normally would, in an earlier point in time. That’s because those warm, tender feelings that you once felt for your significant other has been replaced by negative feelings and emotions, which often contribute to the breakup. While there is no set trigger point for couples who part ways, a relationship generally ends when one or both people are no longer satisfied with its dynamics.

About Clay Andrews

Clay and Mika are the creators of Ex Solution Program and help couples get back together.



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