May 12, 2012

Should We Get Married?

Video Transcript

Couples ask me, how do we know if we should get married? I like to encourage them to look at it from three different angles.

First of all, there is the, would you marry you question. What I mean by that is are you the kind of person that’s going to bring relational hell here?

Are you going to bring a lot of problems into the relationship? Are you more interested in what you can give to the relationship or what you can take away from it?

So, your own personal health is key. Secondly, do you make a good couple? As a couple, are you compatible? Are you better together than you would be apart?

Are you definitely in love? Are you on the same page spiritually? There are so many factors you can look at when it comes to do you make a good couple.

Thirdly, do you have a bright green light? What’s your heart saying? What are your friends and family saying? What are the circumstances in your life right now, saying financially or otherwise?

So do they give you a bright green light? Look at it through those three questions, would you marry you, do you make a good couple, and do you have a bright green light?

I think that will help you sort out should we get married?

About the author

Born and raised in California, Dr. Dave Gudgel has called Fresno, Sacramento, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, Agoura Hills, Phoenix, and now Sunnyvale “home.”

Dave currently serves as the Lead Pastor of Bridges Community Church in Los Altos, CA. Prior to Bridges, Dave was the Senior Pastor of Agoura Bible Fellowship, a church in the northwest Los Angeles area for twenty-one years, and then the Senior Pastor of Bethany Bible Church in Phoenix, AZ for seven years.

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