February 5, 2012

Samsung SHR-1041K 4CH DVR Surveillance System

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Large commercial and private buildings have very large areas for their security personnel to cover at all times.

Although many of these buildings have stationed and roving security personnel checking every floor and section of the building, they can only do so at intervals and check on one area at a time.

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That is why building owners and managers invest on professional surveillance systems so security personnel can monitor multiple locations at any given time.

The cost for such systems however can be quite considerable that only large corporations with proper funding and capitalization will be able to afford them.

Setting up a similar system for your home to watch over you properties and your loved ones doesn’t have to very expensive just like banks and other secured offices and buildings have.

Cost-effective security solutions like the Samsung SHR-1041K 4CH DVR Surveillance System gives users a third eye that will let them know what’s going on in your homes and in your properties.

Product Description

The Samsung SHR-1041K 4CH DVR Surveillance System is a 4-channel digital video recorder featuring 2 weatherproof (1/4 CCD with 3.8mm Focal Length lenses) and 2 night visions cameras (1/4 CCD with IR LED) that you can install in strategic locations in your home particularly in vulnerable areas where intrusion usually takes place.

The cameras don’t need any power supplies as the DVR provides power through the RJ-11 cords that connects to the cameras, making it even more convenient to install.

The system is eco-friendly as it uses recyclable materials, is RoHS compliant and has Energy Saving features.

This surveillance system features Samsung’s Triplex Function technology that allows users to have live, recording and playback features functioning simultaneously.

It also has a built-in web server that allows remote monitoring from any Internet-enabled computer located anywhere.

Footages are stored in a 250 GB hard disk drive that can be expanded to 500 GB.

Playback output can be viewed from a monitor using the RCA connections. The footages can be displayed in single, quad or sequence display modes.


With the Samsung SHR-1041K 4CH DVR Surveillance System, you can have a cost-effective video security system all in one complete package.

It’s very easy to setup and you can install the cameras in locations where there are no electrical outlets.

You can monitor what’s going on in your house from practically anywhere in the world using the Internet interface that allows remote access from any web-enabled computer.


The Samsung SHR-1041K 4CH DVR Surveillance System is a good system to have if you’re looking for a cost effective security upgrade for your home.

However, the cameras are still visible from the public and some unscrupulous entities can work around them.


Security systems need not be very expensive and you can get the features of high end units at cost-effective prizes with the Samsung SHR-1041K 4CH DVR Surveillance System.

It even gets better with the technical expertise and workmanship Samsung puts into the device, so you can be ensured of high quality images and footage as well as dependability and reliability of the equipment.

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