March 13, 2016

My Ex Boyfriend Ignores Me: What Do I Do?

Video Summary

It can be frustrating when your ex-boyfriend is ignoring you. In this video Clay talks about possible reasons and what you might do about it.

If he broke up with you . . . .

If he broke up with you it is because he wanted to be out of the relationship. He was looking for space or distance from the relationship. The more you try to contact him and talk about getting back together the more he is going to feel the need to distance himself from you.

If you broke up with him . . . . .

If you broke up with him he is probably ignoring you because he realizes he needs to take time away from you to heal from the pain of being broken up with. The more he has to see you, the more he has to be around you, or hear about a new boyfriend, the more that is going to hurt him. He is pulling away to heal.

What you need to do

If he broke up with you, you need to respect his wish for space. Over time he may gain perspective and realize he misses you. You cannot force the issue, he needs to come to the realization on his own that he misses you and that he was happier in a relationship with you. If you broke up with him you need to give him a month or so to heal and have his space. He needs time to get his own life together. After you’ve given him some time it may be possible for the two of you to be friends.

There are two possible scenarios for why your ex-boyfriend may be ignoring you. The first is that he broke up with you because he needs space and he is looking to distance himself from you and the relationship. Hearing from you during this time is only going to make him want to distance himself further, so the best thing you can do is respect his need for space. If you broke up with him, then it is probably very painful for him to be around you. You need to give him time to heal from the breakup before the two of you can be in contact again.

About Clay Andrews

Clay and Mika are the creators of Ex Solution Program and help couples get back together.



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