January 25, 2012

M-Trac Pro Personal GPS Tracker


Teenage life is a period of transition in your kid’s life where they’re caught in the middle of being pampered like a child and as a young adult free to do whatever they want without strict parental consent.

Your teens would surely be delighted whenever you give them permission to hang out with friends or allow them use of your car.

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When you do that, there will be this feeling of joy that would emanate from the stronger bonds that develop between you and your child.

However, as in any case for that matter, you would want to provide the highest levels of protection and security for your teenaged kids whenever they’re engaged in such activities.

Something untoward might happen, like getting lost in a hostile neighborhood or the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, that your kids simply have no experience whatsoever in handling such situations.

The M-Trac Pro Personal GPS Tracker can be the high-tech solution that can meet your needs in this regard.

The device is small enough to be carried on your teen’s bag, belt or jacket, providing you with an advanced GPS tracking system when you need to locate them, and locate them fast.

The device features a panic button which your teens can use to alert you when they’re in an emergency and so much more.

Product Description

M-Trac Pro Personal GPS Tracker

The M-Trac Pro Personal GPS Tracker is a rugged GPS receiver enclosed in durable polycarbonate plastic housing, measuring only 3.95” x 2.32” x 1.00” with internal antennas and highly reliable lithium polymer batteries.

Used in conjunction with the Lightning GPS Storm Platform, you can keep track of your teens wearing these devices every 5 minutes to inform you of their exact location at any given hour.

Some of the advanced features of the M-Trac Pro Personal GPS Tracker is the Geofencing feature which allows you to create Alert Zones that would set perimeters or boundaries for geographical areas where they are allowed or forbidden to go to.

It can also be used as a vehicular tracking device whenever your kid borrows you car to drive with friends, sending out speed alerts, stop reports, map route logs and other GPS tracking features which you may find useful in understanding where your kids have been and what they’re up to.


Unlike other standard GPS trackers and data loggers, the M-Trac Pro Personal GPS Tracker features a panic button that your teenaged kids can easily push to alert you whenever they’re caught in a bind or emergency situation.

The system then makes use of the power of GPS satellite systems to pinpoint the location of your kids.

There are no wires and cables required and makes use of modern digital wireless networks to allow you to track location and movement through the online portal.

The device is small enough to bring anywhere, whether your kids are driving or just hanging out with friends.


There is a small one-time activation fee but in order to activate the full features of the M-Trac Pro Personal GPS Tracker, you will need to be subscribed to the service on a monthly basis, which can add up to your monthly expenses.

The device is small enough to be carried around but there are no locking straps that would ensure that the device will not fall off and get lost.


The M-Trac Pro Personal GPS Tracker is a good investment to make considering the many safety advantages that the device can give you and your kids.

With this device, you’ll know exactly where your kids are at any given time, and will alert you when boundaries are crossed and emergency situations encountered.

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