January 5, 2012

Lok8u GPS Child Locator


Some of the best episodes in crime-related TV series involve child abductions or lost children finding themselves in harsh situations that would definitely send a stabbing pain to anyone watching the show.

One of the greatest fears any parent would have is to learn that their child is missing.

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The pain this would bring would get worse when parents have no clues as to what had happened – whether they got lost, abducted, or simply ran away – and they’re left with no idea as to what to do next.

With these fears at the back of every parent’s mind, their greatest dreams would be having the means to know where their children are at all times and what their conditions are.

The answer to such dreams may come in the form of child locating devices such as the Lok8u GPS Child Locator.

Unlike other GPS tracking devices that are inserted into a child’s clothing or bags, the device is worn directly on the wrist and will be difficult to remove without alerting the parents – giving them the sense of security of knowing where their child is at any given time.

Product Description

Lok8u GPS Child Locator

The Lok8u GPS Child Locator is a GPS tracking device that is embedded into a wristwatch that can be worn by a small child.

These devices are designed to fit the wrist of a small child and once it’s snapped into place would be difficult to remove without the use of special release tool.

If tampered with and removed, the device will send out an email to the parents – alerting them of the situation.

Although the device uses GPS technology to triangulate the location of the child whenever the parents log in to the web portal, it is not a GPS tracker that will give you the device’s tracking history.

What it does is to provide you the position of your child for your specified GPS update on the web portal, and plots this location on the map. The device can also be used with GeoFencing system which basically alerts you through email or mobile whenever your child strays beyond a set area or range.

The Lok8u GPS Child Locator comes with an 8-inch wristband, measures 8″ x 2″ x 0.6″, and weighs only 1.8 ounces. It is a fully functional kid’s digital watch and comes in trendy black or pink colors.

Although the device has a waterproof rating, wearing it while swimming is not recommended by the manufacturer. It is made of hypoallergenic plastic and steel materials.

Updates can be made through the web portal or a mobile phone by simply sending the WRU or Where Are U signal to the devices with a few simple clicks.

Lok8u GPS Child Locator Accessories


What people like about the Lok8u GPS Child Locator is its rugged and well made construction that can withstand the nimble levels of activity any child from 3 to 12 has.

Users can configure the alerts whenever the wristband is detached and are either sent though their email addresses or mobile phones as a text message.

Another thing people like about the device is that you can set Safe Zones or GeoFences of up to a 50 yard or 150 feet perimeter radius. The device can also be used in any of the 49 countries it has been tested to function properly in.


Despite the many promises provided by the manufacturers of Lok8u GPS Child Locator as an effective GPS tracking device for your child, some third-party testers find the device not working at all times on top of the many other flaws.

It is small and comfortable enough to wear, some children who were tested to wear the device found the screen difficult to read particularly in poor lighting conditions.

Other negative reviews about the Lok8u GPS Child Locator indicate poor T-Mobile coverage and short battery life.


The effectiveness of a GPS tracking device matters only when it is with the child at all times. Separate GPS trackers will not fit the bill as clothing can be removed or bags left behind.

But a GPS tracking device such as the Lok8u GPS Child Locator that will be with the child at all times can give a higher peace of mind for parents.

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