March 6, 2011

How To Know If She Is A Keeper

Having many women surrounding you all the time can be one of men’s greatest dreams, but the opportunity of having that one special woman for you is also worth it.

Being in a number of relationships and getting to know a number of women, you might be confused with how to pinpoint who the perfect girl is for you.

However, don’t be stressed out, there are a number of ways you can identify if your girl is a keeper. Following this guide will prevent the risk of having some other person steal that perfect woman for you.

Trait #1: She Knows What She Wants

Surely, you wouldn’t want a girl who can’t decide on her own, and would constantly seek your attention to do petty things for her. An independent woman is what you need. True, being there for her in times of need is important, but you do have to act as her sitter to prove to her that you care.

There are women out there, who cannot function without the other person.

They constantly need someone to assist them or be with them. This may be good at the start of the relationship, but in the end, it can prove to be suffocating.

If your girlfriend can stand on her own, emotionally and mentally, and has her own unique personality and taste, then she may be someone worth spending the rest of your life with.

Trait #2: Aside from Beauty, She also has Brains

Beauty is relative for everyone. What is important is your girl can carry herself well. She will not make herself look good only to please you, but she is looking out to please herself. You will see this in the way she carries herself, and how she comes across to other people.

Apart from this, girls with brains will get you a long way. A beautiful face can be boring to look at if it is not complemented by a good personality. Having a girl that can meet you in the intellectual level can be very attractive.

This way, it is not only you feeding your partner information, but she can contribute to the growth of your knowledge as well. You will be able to easily discuss the different things that you both find interesting, and everyday becomes less predictable and mundane.

A girl with an intelligent mind is usually unpredictable. It may be hard for you to find out what she is thinking, keeping you interested for a long time.

Trait #3: Sexual Compatibility is a Must

You and your partner’s sexuality is necessary. If you are the conservative type and she the hardcore masochist type, then there could be conflict.

There should be an understanding between you two to make things more interesting, or one of you should be willing to open up and relate to the other.

Trait #4: There is Respect between You Two

This is important for every relationship.

Without respect for one another, it will be difficult for both of you to stay together. This means that, she is the type to listen to your side even though she doesn’t fully agree with you.

Your girlfriend should be someone who knows how to respect other people opinion and does not degrade or be little you.

Trait #5: Your Interests Matter to Her

Your girlfriend should be someone who does not try to control you and who allow you to participate in activities you enjoy.

With this kind of girl, there is no need for you to try to sneak out in the middle of the night just to have drinks with your buddies, or in the afternoon to have a ball game with your friends.

You girlfriend should understand that there are certain things men and women are different in. In the same manner, you should do the same for your girl. You would allow her to go out with her girl friends.

Trait #6: She is Someone who Doesn’t Nag

The right girls know when to speak up and when to let situations go. You don’t want a woman who constantly nag you every time you left dishes on the sink.

The perfect girlfriend knows when to fight her battles. However, if you live in the same house with her and you are constantly out at night without even contacting her, you are in for big trouble.

Not even the best girlfriend in the world will let that one slide.

Trait #7: She Is Loved by Everyone

Everyone you know finds your girl the best one for you. She is someone who will stay in the kitchen to help your mom, and listen to your father’s long stories. The best girl knows how to hang out with your friends, and enjoy their company.

Your girlfriend will make time to be close to people who are important to you, and as much as possible, would want you to be closer to your family and friends.

Trait #8: You Feel Loved

A woman who loves you for what you are is a real keeper. She is someone who will stick with you and will not try to change. Even though you have habits that somehow cause annoyance, she will contend with it if she really loves you. Everyone has his or her own faults.

Love is something you will feel from her even though she does not tell it to you. Just by looking at her eyes, and observing how she treats you, you will surely know.

Trait #9: She Inspires You to Be Better

The girl you are with is one that inspires you to be the best that you can be. Without you knowing, you are dreaming higher, and wanting to be the best that you can be for her. This girl does not have to demand or say something to make feel that way. You just feel that way.

With the right woman, your relationship can go a long way. These traits can serve as a guide for you to find the woman you can keep beside you forever.



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