March 16, 2012

How To Have The Best Sex Ever With Him

Sex techniques are a dime a dozen.  We’re not going to give you the hot new way to wiggle your fingers and make your man squirm.  What we are going to give you are three proven techniques to have the best sex your man will ever enjoy!

While spontaneous sex has its place in a relationship, it is usually not the BEST sex a couple will experience.  Much like birthdays, vacations and holidays, the best sex is filled with anticipation.


Because anticipation engages your mans largest sex organ, his brain. Anticipation then is the first technique you must employ to have your best sex ever.

How to induce anticipation

There is no doubt that women have incredible power over men in the bedroom. With a look, a brush of the body or even a fragrance virtually any woman can have her man ready for sex.

The key to great sex is to get him thinking about you all day long and about what you have planned for him later on that night.

Where to begin?

First thing in the morning!  Before you or your boy toy leave in the morning, spark the seduction by giving him a full frontal hug.  No need to be in lingerie, or even be naked.

The key to sparking the seduction is to simply make sure that when you hug him, you stand on your tiptoes, put your arms around his neck and make sure your breasts press against him in an upward manner not down.

This subtle move will get his attention very quickly.  Don’t worry about your size, he doesn’t care about size.  What he cares about is that they are your breasts and that they soon will be his.

While you’ve got him in your grasp, melt his mind; make him worthless at work because he’s only thinking of you by whispering “I’ve got something special planned for you tonight”.

The combination of your words in his ear and your chest in his face will induce a drug like anticipation that will last the entire day.

Attitude is everything

The second technique to insure your best sex ever is to show your man an attitude that says to him, “any time, any place, I’m YOURS!”

Most men don’t want to have sex every night.  What he does want to know is that his woman would have sex with him every night!  Wow!

Your attitude toward sex will continue to keep his engine revved and ready to go.  Every woman on the planet can be seductive without special articles of clothing or magic oils, why because seduction is all about attitude.

Your man has been hot for you all day since you slammed your chest into his and gave him a little something to steam over all day. Now it’s time to fan the flame and turn up the heat.

The key to a great attitude toward sex is to clear your brain, it may sound funny, but your mind too is your biggest sex organ and if your brain is filled with the day’s trouble at work or the bills that need to be paid, your attitude will reflect your distraction.

So, how do you clear your brain and bring get in the right frame of mind?  It may be a hot soak in a long bath. It may be a manicure or a pedicure.

But it is essential to set your attitude before you meet your man for dinner or better yet cook that dinner together.

Cooking together is a perfect way to make that sexual attitude come to life.  Flirt when you cook, press up against his back as he’s chopping those veggies and ask “What are you making”?

Lick the salad dressing off your fingers, and then ask him to lick the last digit and moan in response.  The anticipation that has been simmering all day will begin to boil over as he picks up on your attitude toward the night ahead.

Articulate to Matriculate

Men are ignorant, not stupid.

Ignorance can be educated and when you articulate your desires in the bedroom, it not only leads to the best sex ever, it will lead to healthier communication throughout the entire house.

The third and most important sex technique then is to articulate your desires to your man.

You’ve sparked the seduction by creating a sense of anticipation, fanned the flame with your attitude. Basically you’ve been engaging in sexual foreplay all day long.

As you head to the bedroom it is important to remember that for him to have his best sex ever, he needs to know you are having your best sex ever. So be sure to tell him.

You’ve basically been blowing his mind with your day of foreplay. He will have one thing on his brain as he enters the bedroom.

Know full well that while he is singularly focused, he still wants to see you, touch you, smell you, taste you, and most importantly HEAR you.

As you culminate this day of love together, tell him what makes you happy.  Tell him what drives you CRAZY.

He will hear your moans and other pleasure sounds, but nothing will cement your desires in his mind like you articulating the specifics of what drives you wild!

Simple phrases like “oooh that feels good” or “not there” “faster” “slower” are critical for men.

We don’t get nuance or innuendo and when you tell him what’s good and what’s great, it will help him help you create the best sex you’ve ever experienced.

The latest greatest techniques are so over rated.  Don’t you think lovers over the centuries have seen technique come and go?

So, don’t worry if you’re holding your hand just so, or if your back is arched just right.  Use the techniques of Anticipation, Attitude and Articulation to create the best sex you’ve ever known.

And when your bathing in the afterglow, rock his world by whispering in his ear “I can’t wait to do it all again, tomorrow~”

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