March 13, 2016

How To Get Your Ex Back When Jealousy Caused Your Breakup

Video Summary

In this video, Clay Andrews shares advice on how to get your ex back when jealousy caused your breakup.

Jealousy is just the worst feeling because you feel totally out of control and it consumers you. We have all experienced it but when you are in it, well it feels like it is eating away at you from the inside out. This also makes things even harder if you guys have broken up and you are still feeling jealous but you want to win your ex back. Because to win your ex back you are going to need to stick to a period of no contact and be fully in control of your emotions and reactions to things, and jealousy can make us act on impulse. Here is how you can gain control and why you should gain control.

Jealousy is your enemy. Treat it as so

Think of jealousy as your enemy. Imagine it as a little creature, a green ugly creature who is on a mission to prevent you from being with your ex. Would you just back down and let it win? No of course. So every time the feeling comes up, and the green eyed monster takes over, be sure to kick its butt, and know that YOU are in control of this situation.

Jealousy is linked to insecurity

Yes it is. And maybe you ARE insecure. So address this. Work on it and do not show this to your ex because this could be one thing that really pushes your ex away for GOOD. You see, if this is why you broke up, then you are going to HAVE to show your ex that you have changed and grown and in order to do that you actually need to work on battling your demons, so spend some time with yourself and figure out why you feel as you do and then really work on this and get your confidence levels back up as this will impress your ex and also mean that when you come back together, you won’t just be stepping back into the old pattern.

Your ex needs to know the monster has gone. Show your ex it has.

Just following on from the point above, if jealousy is what broke you guys up then your ex will not want to be with you if you are still acting crazy. So the one way to win your ex back is to work on yourself and actually do this, don’t just say that you have done it whilst secretly raging away at home behind closed doors. Your ex wants you but not the crap so drop the crap and be mature and maybe they will think about talking again. But don’t try and talk until you feel better for YOU.

About Clay Andrews

Clay and Mika are the creators of Ex Solution Program and help couples get back together.



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