March 13, 2016

How To Get Your Ex Back If They Broke Up With You Because They Feel Like Friends Than Lovers

Video Summary

In this video, Clay talks about the breakup excuse many people use – “We are more like friends than lovers.” How do you respond to this excuse when this happens to you?

Why this happens

After time passes people stop exploring and learning new things about each other. They think they already know everything there is to know about the other person. They’ve read the whole book and they want to head to bookstore and look for something new. The relationship begins to feel more like a friendship than a romance.

Work on acceptance

You need to work on cultivating the feeling of acceptance between the two of you. People are not at all like that. You can never really learn everything there is to know about another person. Knowing another person is like entering a dark room with nothing but a candle. You will never be able to see the whole room at once. You can only see certain facets and angles of another person. People that can spend decades together are people that never stop exploring and learning about each other.

How to come together again

To become lovers again and not just chums you need to begin to explore each other again. Relationships can continue on for decades because people are so dynamic and you can continue to learn new things about each other and keep the relationship exciting. Cultivate and maintain your relationship by asking your partner questions and exploring one another.

Relationships turn platonic when people stop getting to know each other and stop exploring one another. Work on cultivating a feeling of acceptance and exploration in your relationship. There is no way you can ever really know another person. Accepting this and continuing to explore one another is the best way to keep a relationship fresh and going on for years and years. You can continue to fall in love with each other through the years if you continue to learn new things and grow and change together.

About Clay Andrews

Clay and Mika are the creators of Ex Solution Program and help couples get back together.



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