March 12, 2016

How To Act On a First Date

Video Summary

In this video, Mirabelle Summers shares tips on how to act on a first date with a man.

Accept responsibility for your dating life

If you want to get anywhere, you have to accept responsibility for your own love life and accept that you are in control of what kind of love life you create.

Men can sense women’s vibes, especially those who think that all men are evil, and have bitterness stored up from past hurts. Let go of anything that may be holding you back so that you can let yourself just be in the present moment and he can see who you REALLY are.

Go and just be yourself

Men really aren’t all the same and aren’t all looking for a supermodel so just go on a date and be yourself. If there is a fit, there is a fit and if there is not, then that is just how it rolls. You don’t want to be wasting your time with the wrong guy or girl do you, so just know, that the law of attraction has it sorted for us, and what we put out there is what comes back to us.

Therefore, if you put your real self out there then you will attract a guy totally suited to this you back to you and this will mean that you will not need to be anything other than you because if you are, then you will repel the right person and attract the wrong person.

Go with no expectations

If you are going on first dates with expectations then you are not really being fair to yourself or to the other person because you are projecting desires and ideals onto something and then if it does not go as you planned, you feel it was not right somehow. Let it just be whatever it needs to be and stop trying to force things. Go out as you would for a drink with an old friend and just have a good time.

About Mirabelle Summers

Mirabelle Summers is a dating and relationship expert who has helped thousands of women worldwide attract and find the man of their dreams.



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