March 26, 2012

How Long Do You Hang Onto Your Marriage?

Video Transcript

That’s a really difficult question to answer because of the nature of every different situation being different.

But I guess what I’d like to say to anyone who’s contemplating divorce is that you’ll never regret the extra work that you put into making a marriage work; you’ll never regret the extra mile; you’ll never regret counseling a little longer because you can always throw the card on the table that says divorce; you can always do that.

And so, for the sake of your own health, your spouse’s health and your kid’s health and wellbeing, it’s wiser to try and work it out.

And when not possible?

How do you know that its time to move on?

When you feel like you’ve put in the effort, that you gone for counseling and gone for help.

That you haven’t just bailed because someone else is already involved.

That you’ve worked out the issues of forgiveness and reconciliation as best as you can.

And if things don’t seem to be working still with the coaching of others, sometimes its mature to say that it’s not working and its creating more hurt than it is a better future.

Sometimes, you have to resign to yourself that it is over but you have to put the effort in first, you’ll never regret that.

You can always tell your kids, look you don’t have to give up on these things easy as opposed to you it didn’t work and you bailed so work on it.

About the author

Dr. Dave Currie is an international speaker, columnist, life coach, and crisis counselor in a host of life, marriage, and family issues. He and his wife Donalyn educate and coach people from all walks of life on getting their most important relationships right.

His education includes 2 Master’s Degrees (Education and Counseling) and a Ph.D. in Education in Marriage and Family. His mantra, “You’ll Never Regret Putting Your Marriage and Family First” is also the title of a forthcoming book.

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