March 27, 2012

How Do I Regain My Sex Interest After Having A Baby?

Video Transcript

Ladies when you have had a baby, and some times you have grown to feel rather unlovely, because of size and all that goes on with it, first of all it could be an issue of just your perception of yourself, image of your self and you might be caring some extra weight after the baby, so somewhere it’s just a body image thing.

You have to just get over yourself and just let your husband be the mirror and love you for who you are, some times it is fear of being intimate after delivering a baby and there could be some healing needed, some stitches there and I think that there needs to be a variety of sex beyond the straight intercourse after the baby is born, so that the wife can grow comfortable that she is not going to tear or she is going to be hurt or it is uncomfortable for her.

So go back slowly into your regular sexual routine, the other thing is after a baby there is a lot of pre-occupation with feeding and you are tired and up till the middle of night and somehow you do not have energy, of course some people face the postpartum depression that emotionally we do not understand all the reasons why it happens, but there is a sense to which there isn’t even much energy to enjoy life for a while.

So what ever are those issues, be patient with yourself, be committed to re-engage, work through the issues and the husband needs to be patient and accept that this is going to improve over the time.

If it is taking 2-4 months afterwards before you are starting to feel freedom then you need to talk to someone.

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