June 1, 2012

How Do I Know If I’m In Love

Video Transcript

Couples ask me all the time, Dave how do I know if I’m in love? Well, what I do is I try to help them look at love from three different sides.

First there’s the love of physical attraction, then there’s the love of emotional connection, and then the love of sacrificial action. So it’s probably physical attraction that drew you together.

In fact, that infatuation piece, a chemical reaction in your body that can last as long as 6 to 18 months. So you have to be careful about that, but then there’s the emotional connection.

Emotionally, our view as a couple developing a soul to soul, heart to heart relationship, the number one reason why couples today get a divorce in America from the wife’s side, is a lack of emotional intimacy in the relationship, so this piece is really huge.

And then third, there’s the sacrificial action. Are you willing to give up yourself for that other person?

I had a wife write me recently and she talked about how she didn’t see in her relationship any kind of sacrificial action and she was wondering whether or not her husband really loves her.

Well, it’s a reason to question whether or not there is love in that relationship because sacrificial action will be a part of true love. Those three sides of love will be an indication to you that you have something special.

Perhaps, maybe it will lead you to engagement.

About the author

Born and raised in California, Dr. Dave Gudgel has called Fresno, Sacramento, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, Agoura Hills, Phoenix, and now Sunnyvale “home.”

Dave currently serves as the Lead Pastor of Bridges Community Church in Los Altos, CA. Prior to Bridges, Dave was the Senior Pastor of Agoura Bible Fellowship, a church in the northwest Los Angeles area for twenty-one years, and then the Senior Pastor of Bethany Bible Church in Phoenix, AZ for seven years.

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