March 24, 2012

How Do I Balance Long Hours, Marriage, and Family

Video Transcript

First of all, realize that your greatest job is being available to your family, not the work. Okay. Keep that in mind. Secondly, maybe ask your spouse, “Give me 15 to 20 minutes to just unload here before  you start giving me the details of the day.”

Okay. Thirdly, make sure you find one day that you are going to be home early and tell her to get lost so you will look after the kids. Give a gift back to your wife for always caring the load of the kids, that’s a great thing.

And beyond that, there has to be a give and take because it seems as every marriage when you are going to work long hours and try to get the family ahead.

Just make sure it’s not an excuse for being engaged with your family. Find time to be engaged with each of your kids every week and you will never regret putting your marriage and family first. You will never regret and nobody ever does.

About the author

Dr. Dave Currie is an international speaker, columnist, life coach, and crisis counselor in a host of life, marriage, and family issues. He and his wife Donalyn educate and coach people from all walks of life on getting their most important relationships right.

His education includes 2 Master’s Degrees (Education and Counseling) and a Ph.D. in Education in Marriage and Family. His mantra, “You’ll Never Regret Putting Your Marriage and Family First” is also the title of a forthcoming book.

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