January 1, 2012

Guardian Alert 911 – Life Saving Alert


If you have an elderly parent or grandparent living with you or living independently, it would be very important to not the following alarming statistics that would definitely raise your awareness about taking better care of your elderly loved ones:

Guardian Alert 911 - Life Saving Alert

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• The Center for Disease Control reports that up to 75% of deaths in the US come from the elderly age group, many of whom die from cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

• The CDC also reported that 1in 3 elderly Americans over 65 will fall in a given year. Up to five times more seniors are hospitalized from falling than any other injuries and 50% need direct help when getting up if they do fall.

• According to the Yale University School of Medicine, falls and related injuries are the top health threats facing the elderly, with up to 50% of those encountering such emergencies never really fully recover

• The National Stroke Association reports that most strokes can be prevented or treated if the person received immediate medical attention.

What the above statistics say is that getting to the hospital and receiving medical attention at the soonest possible time decreases the mortality rates for heart attacks, stroke, falling and other emergencies.

Most fatalities occur when the elderly remain helpless or incapacitated for a long time after encountering an accident or medical emergency.

As a loving individual who cares for their elderly loved ones, giving them medical alert devices such as the Guardian Alert 911 increases their chance of getting prompt medical attention when emergencies occur.

With a simple push of a button from a pendant worn around the neck, the elderly can immediately speak to a 911 operator and call for help – even if they are incapable of standing up and walking towards the telephone.

Product Description

The Guardian Alert 911 is a medical alert device compost of a wireless transmitter in the form of a pendant and a base station that is connected to your home’s telephone line.

The difference of the Guardian Alert 911 from other devices is that a person can use the pendant itself to speak directly to a 911 emergency operator.

Other emergency stations require the individual to be within the range of the base station speakerphone in order for two-way communication to commence but for the Guardian Alert 911 the pendant is a small cordless speakerphone in itself – allowing the user to speak with the operator from anywhere in the house.

If the user is incapacitated and unable to speak, the panic button sends the caller ID signal to the 911 operator for them to trace the user’s location.


A great feature of the Guardian Alert 911 is the direct communication capability using the pendant, allowing the user to speak to a 911 operator even if he or she is away or beyond the reach of the base station’s speakerphone.

Another great thing that makes this device appealing to users is the absence of monitoring fees, monthly service charges, and all the contracts in between – it’s just like a mini wireless phone that can call 911 during emergencies.


Although the Guardian Alert 911 is water resistant, the manufacturer suggests that it should not be worn under the shower as normal practice.

The elderly user may take the unit off during such time and an emergency or accident may occur during the small window after that – leaving the elderly incapable of pushing the button to call for help.

There may also be instances where the elderly gets involved in a fall or accident that incapacitates them to move their arms well enough to reach the pendant – rendering the device useless if not able to make the emergency call.


There is a great need for people who care for their elderly loved ones to provide them with an effective and efficient medical alert system.

High end products, because of the variety of features included, are much more expensive and may not be affordable for low-income users.

The Guardian Alert 911 can be a cost-effective alternative although it lacks the monitoring features other systems have.

Click Here For Guardian Alert 911 – Life Saving Alert



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