January 6, 2012

EmFinders Emergency Bracelet


A family with an elderly loved one afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease or a child with autism or Down’s syndrome will find the collective struggle and effort to deal with the difficulties in providing care for their loved ones a means of strengthening family ties and bring each member closer to each other than a “perfect” family would.

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There are still no cures for these afflictions and all the family members can do is to deal with the situation as best as they can and avoid any emergencies that may arise that is related to these afflictions.

That’s where the problem lies in some cases, as the elderly or children with these afflictions might wander off without the knowledge of “normal” family members and get lost somewhere with no means of going back on their own.

One cannot really blame caregivers or fulltime family members taking care of their afflicted loved ones, as they cannot really monitor them at every possible moment.

Technology have now been developed that can add a better sense of security for loved ones suffering from such diseases, providing a locator such as the Emfinders Emergency Bracelet that uses GPS signals to pinpoint the exact location of the wearer.

If an elderly loved one or a special child gets lost for whatever reason, family members can call the emergency hotline and the 911 who can use these GPS signals to locate and recover the missing person and bring them back to your care.

Product Description

EmFinders Emergency Bracelet Review

The Emfinders Emergency Bracelet is an effective locator device that makes use of GPS and cellular network signals to allow a 24/7 Emergency Call Center and the existing 911 network to locate a missing person wearing the bracelet in the shortest possible time.

Measuring only 39mm x 55mm x 19mm and weighs only 25 grams, the bracelet is comfortable to wear and is designed with a locking metal mesh band that could not be removed without the appropriate key.

The device is water resistant and makes use of rechargeable batteries with a +4.2 VDC max rating. At fully charged capacity, the device can last up to one week from one single charge.

If your loved ones get missing, you can call EmFinders Secured 24/7 Emergency Call Center and provide important identification information about your loved ones as well as the device serial number.

The call center in turn provides tracking and personal information to 911 who can send out a police dispatch to the pinpointed location.

EmFinders Emergency Bracelet


One of the great things about the Emfinders Emergency Bracelet is that it can operate also through a cellular network which can allow unit tracking even from an indoor location.

GPS signals will not function properly if underground or indoors. There is no special software needed to start operating the unit as well as no additional equipment that needs to be purchased.


Elderly people suffering from these diseases can get confused quite easily and will attempt to remove or break the unit by any possible means.

Based on experience by nurses and caregivers handling elderly people like this, they can pull out IVs, catheters, and anything else that is not comfortable if they feel confused and irritated.

The bracelet will also need a $35/month service fee so it can be used through the cellular network – additional cost that may be prohibitive for family members tight on resources.


Taking care of an elderly loved or a sick child afflicted with debilitating diseases can really be a challenging and stressful experience, particularly during times when they wander off and get lost without your knowledge.

The Emfinders Emergency Bracelet can give you added peace of mind knowing that you’ll have the means to locate them as accurately as possible.

The service may be cost-prohibitive if the family is already running low on resources, but the sense of security it can provide may be well worth the cost.

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