February 2, 2012

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No matter how much you protect your child, he or she will most likely be exposed to certain levels of risks or dangers while outside the comfort zones of their own homes.

However, there is one kind of danger that manages to creep into the sanctity of the home and into your children’s midst – and this comes in the form of cyber bullying that enters the home through online means and the Internet.

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As web channels are more easily accessible, your children are exposed to the dangers of cyber bullying which could affect their development as an adult and as a person.

Statistics show that up to 77% of students in the United States experience one form or another of school bullying or cyber bullying – mentally, physically or verbally.

There are actually 160,000 students each day who opt not to go to school because of their latent fear of bullying.

Sadly, only half of these bullying incidents get reported and the other half goes on to repeat and perpetuate one vicious cycle.

Your child need not be included in such statistics.There may have encountered cyber bullying already but are hesitant to tell you. Instead of letting them lose their confidence and self-esteem, invest in an innovative device called Discover It.

You can use the device to chat the contents of your child’s personal computer for chat logs and communication threads that would signify that your child is being cyber-bullied.

With Discover It, you can gather hard evidence that you can use to report these incidence of cyber bullying to proper authorities – and stop bullying against your child for good.

Product Description

Discover It

The Discover It is an innovative PC scanner that can search your computer and track internet activity like the presence of illicit images that can be harmful to your children as well as instant messaging chat histories.

It can be a perfect tool to look into the chat conversations your kids have online and be able to recover conversations that have been deleted from common chat and instant messaging programs like ICQ, IMQQ, MSN, Trillian and Skype and is supported by popular operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.


The Discover It is immune to software viruses and is much faster than common PC monitoring software being used.

After every surveillance performance, you can download and analyze detailed reports or look into multiple threads from the same report.

This way you can monitor the conversations your children has online, particularly cyber bullying instances that they wanted to hide by deleting.


In order for Discover It to work properly, the chat logs in instant messaging programs used by your children should be turned on.

If they are knowledgeable in this area, they might deliberately turn off these chat logs, leaving you with no chat information and history.


As the world becomes more connected and people’s activities goes online, other threats to your children’s safety like bullying goes online as well.

The threat may not be physical at first, but the mental and verbal abuse that might be getting can affect them in more ways than expected.

Protect your child from such threats and use technology in the right way.

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