March 6, 2011

Creative Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Creative Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Being in a long distance relationship can be challenging at times, but it does not mean that it is doomed to fail. Without communication, time and affection for each other, any relationship is bound to fail: geographically close or not.

The key to staying together is to make the other person feel important in your own way. Even though you do not see one another physically, you can still give creative long distance relationship gifts to your partner.

This can spice up your relationship, and keep the flame of your love alive.

Tip #1: Seal it with a Kiss

With age of technology, the internet has made communication from varying distances much enjoyable. Electronic mails are one of the few methods people use in order to get their message across.

What they don’t realize is the fact that nothing’s more romantic than a handwritten letter or card, which expresses how you truly feel.

What’s great about it is you add a personal touch to your letter through your handwriting and the message you want to get across.

To make things more creative, you can design your own card to make it unique, and surprise your partner with it on days he or she least expects it.

Your partner will be thrilled by the fact that you really worked hard in making your gift one of a kind and special.

Tip #2: A Ticket to a Movie or Concert

There may be a limited chance that you get to see each other and actually go out together, but distance should not stop both of you from enjoying a good film or performance.

Research on what your partner likes, ask his or her friends on their preference. You can also base it on what you feel your partner will enjoy.

This will show your partner that you know him or her as a person, and is willing to go out of your way to make him or her happy. It will also show them that you know them well. Even though you are not in the same event as your partner is, he or she will surely treasure the experience.

Tip #3: Surprise Them with Flowers or Special Tokens of Affection

Being a distance away does not hinder you from giving your partner flowers, chocolates, or gifts that will remind them that you love them. Being thoughtful will pave ways for you and your partner.

On your anniversary or monthly celebration, send your girlfriend some flowers or chocolates, or send your boyfriend jewelry or his favorite scent.

Tip #4: Burn a CD

It may be easy to just buy your partner a CD of any band or singer that they like, but that does not go in line with the purpose of your gift: to create a connection.

Even though you are not geographically close, you can touch your partner in a personal level by putting in songs that are important to both of you.

You can schedule a time where you both will listen to your favorite music and reminisce on the time you have been together.

You can also add a recording explaining why you chose the songs in the compilation, and its importance to both of you. This will strengthen your relationship, and help you get closer to each other.

Tip #5: Create a Special Album

Include in the album pictures of you and your partner together, while talking online, chatting, important occasions that you shared together, and things you enjoy together. Within this album, create a calendar that includes activities you have done together as a couple.

This will refresh both of you with memories you have shared, and the different challenges you have overcome together. In this album, include passages from your favorite quote, poem or lyrics from a song, and relate it to the scene or memory you want to share.

Spice your album up by creating a story about you both met. Make it interesting and creative through making it like a fairytale or writing a poem about it.

Tip #6: Make a Daily Diary

You do not have to be the greatest writer or have the most interesting life story to be able to create a diary.

You can just choose any special notebook you can write on daily for you to be able to share your daily experiences with your partner. In this diary, write as if you are talking to your partner.

Express to him details of your day, for him or her to get to know you more, and for you to be able to make him or her a part of your life. At least they will have an idea on what a typical day is for you and what you do on special days.

If you are not that comfortable with writing, you can also try a making a video every day.

Show your partner your activities, like how you typically look like while at work, show them how you hang out with your friends, the different sceneries that you visit or new activities that you participate in.

This allows them to experience what is happening to you, get to know you more and feel as if they are with you.

Tip #7: Show Up Unexpectedly

There is nothing more exciting for your partner than seeing you in person. Tell him or her that a friend will be coming home soon with a package from you.

Plan it with your partner’s friends, and ask them to seal you in a box to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend on a special occasion like his or her birthday or on Christmas day. Your partner will surely appreciate the effort that you have put in coming.

The amount of distance you have from your partner should not hinder your relationship. There are creative gifts you can give your partner whatever location he or she may be.

The important thing is that you make them feel important, and you can communicate with them freely. Rekindle your love with gifts that came from your heart and make your love last for a lifetime.



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