March 15, 2011

Christmas Gifts For Him- 5 Types Of Men To Consider When Buying Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts For Him- 5 Types Of Men To Consider When Buying Christmas Gifts

Here comes Christmas and you’re creating a gift list. One name keeps getting pushed to the bottom over and over again because you have no idea what to give him.

How is it that the person closest to you is the toughest one to buy for?

The name of your boyfriend, your fiancé, your husband keeps staring at you, as you will it to give you a hint, any hint that will reveal what he really wants.

It is possible for women who care most about Christmas to agonize in almost everlasting detail over the jaw-dropping gift that her guy will receive (maybe because she’s hoping he’s in just as much agony trying to figure out what she wants).

All you want is that LOOK on Christmas Day—that delighted smile magnified 100 times by surprise, the one that just overwhelms him into an unguarded moment of happiness.

That’s really all you need and is that really so much to ask?


You can imagine the joyous and memorable end result, but you just can’t seem to lurch into the next leap quite yet because you’re stuck for a Christmas gift idea.

Not knowing what to buy your favorite guy feels a lot like questioning the whole relationship. You start to analyze – “If I don’t know what to buy, do I really know him at all?”

Get past the Freud-ish phase fast and forgive yourself. It’s probable that he is just as stumped about what to give you as you are about what to buy him.

Ask First Buy Later

Before you open your purse, put on your deep-thinking hat. The kind of man he is will guide you to a purchase. This will help to narrow down your choices when you actually enter the stampede known as Christmas shoppers:

1. Mr. Meticulous

He is the man who won’t leave the house without every facial and head hair in place–not fussy in nature, but completely into his check-it-twice outer image.

This is the same guy who looks just as groomed-out when he’s mowing as he does at board meetings. His socks are right-side out even after he takes them off.

If you’re laughing because his wardrobe is 90 percent ripped college tees and over-worn jeans from the last millennium, your man is not into personal details.

2. Is He a Homey?

This man is happier hanging out than he is going out. This batch includes putterers who’d rather spend a day noodling around in a workshop, fixing things that aren’t all the way broken.

This type of shining knight finds the greatest pleasures within his own castle. His first line of business at the end of a work day is a piece-by-piece strip down starting at the front door all the way to the bathroom.

3. Fan Man

Your man is one with his sports team, his second greatest passion next to you. He faithfully plays it, buys tickets to it or lives it vicariously through the HDTV.

He can spit out the statistics of the game “they should have won” since 1994, runs the casual betting pool at work and makes month-long preparations with his friends for a mega Super Bowl bash.

He’s so devout in his commitment to the game that he spends the off season creating intricate game plans for his team’s big comeback.

4. Personal Best Man

His career isn’t just a means to an end. He’s the best man for the job because he loves it and looks for better ways to do it.

He may be a lion in the corporate arena or an impassioned social servant, a self-employed guru or a master mechanic. The tools of his trade are his swords in the battle for #1.

5. Every Man

Your easy-going guy is as flexible as they make ‘em, rolling with the punches no matter what happens.

He’s the dad that spends Saturday afternoon playing with the kids, the one who invites you to watch the autumn leaves, the guy who’s ready for anything, everything and nothing, the most adaptable man in the world.

If your man doesn’t exhibit traits like those on this list, don’t panic. Knowing his personality is like an arrow pointed in the right Christmas gift-giving direction, but there are plenty of ways to score a bull’s eye from the suggested gifts here.

* Tech Toys – Power is welcome by guys in any form. Faster, smarter, newer tech choices match every budget and taste—computer upgrades to personal portable music to zippy cell phones to wall-mounted 3D entertainment centers.

* Passion Fruit – If he’s got a hobby, a skill, an art or even just a hankering to try something new, feed his curiosity with ways to keep him pumped about his passion.

Think of the things he has talked about having but has felt too money-conscious about to buy. Expand his expressionism with books, tools, materials or even classes.

* Stocking Stuff – Here’s the chance to shower him with the little things he’s missing but won’t replace on his own.

Is his wallet falling apart? Is he crazy for microbrews? Did his best cologne expire?

Stuff this stuff in his Christmas stocking and in between the special items, you can wedge in the mandatory socks, ties and underwear.

* Auto Have’s – When the machine is clean and runs right, he’s a happy guy. For him, waxing the car is closer to meditation than chore.

Put the shine in his eyes and on his wheels with a Christmas shopping trip to an auto store or custom car detailer to pick up the things he has begged Santa to bring for his ride.

* Casual Clothes – Maybe not the big surprise, but a much appreciated “B” gift. It’s best to stick to buying things you know that he will wear, the more comfortable the better.

The Santa Secret Message to him will be that every time he wears, it will remind him of you—and isn’t that the point?



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