February 3, 2012

Cell Phone Spy

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The cell phone has become the centerpiece in a teenager’s social life and for some it has become an indispensable piece of equipment that they cannot live without.

Many parents, lawmakers, educators and consumer advocates are worried about how cell phones are affecting teenagers’ lives in deeper ways than receiving or sending calls or text messages to their peers.

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Consider the following statistics:

  • 98% of parents who give cell phones to their kids do so to keep in touch at all times
  • 93% of teens between 12 to 17 years of age believe they are safer when they have cellphones as they can contact their parents or anyone else immediately when they need help
    • 94% of teens with cell phones feel they have more freedom because of their cell phones
    • 69% of teens with cell phones make use of their devices as a form of entertainment when bored
    • 54% of teens with cell phones receive unwanted texts and spam messages
    • 24% of teens have been cyber-bullied through their cell phones
    • 15% of teens admitted they received sexually explicit images from someone they know through their cell phones
    • 4% of teens confirmed they sent a sexually explicit image of themselves to another teen via text message

With such alarming statistics, parents should be wary and be more vigilant about what their teens are doing with their cell phones.

What they need are monitoring devices like the Cell Phone Spy that can let parents know their teens activities with their cell phones.

Product Description

The Cell Phone Spy is a USB SIM card reader that allows parents to monitor their children’s mobile interaction with their peers or other people using their cell phones.

It works by simply inserting the phone’s SIM card into the USB SIM card reader and through a special application on a personal computer, can view the last 10 numbers their teens dialed and view text messages and emails even if they have been deleted already.


Electronic information when deleted has not yet been totally erased from memory and will stay dormant unless overwritten with new data.

Only the pointers to the location of the data have been removed that’s why it does not appear in the directory anymore.

This fact is what the Cell Phone Spy relies on as it is enabled to retrieve deleted messages from the SIM card’s memory, giving parents an insight of their teen’ s mobile activities.


The Cell Phone Spy is not fully-compatible with some mobile devices so it would be wise to check compatibility with your intended device first.

Data recovery is also through the SIM’s memory only. If data is stored in the phone’s internal memory, the Cell Phone Spy will not be able to recover it.


Cell phones and teenagers are two inseparable entities as most parents would surmise.

These devices do provide some levels of security for teenagers as they have a means for easy communication with their parents should they encounter emergencies.

However, cell phones can also be a source of issues and problems for their teens, so parents need to be vigilant of their teens’ activities and make use of the Cell Phone Spy to monitor these activities.

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Disclaimer: Spying may be an offense in your jurisdiction or country to monitor the activities of other individuals. So depending on where you are located, please consult your attorney before resorting to any spying.



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