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February 6, 2012

CIB R401W500G8653 4CH Network Security Surveillance DVR w/ Four CCD bullet Cameras KIT Eagleeyes Software

CIB-R401W500G8653-4CH-Network-Security-Surveillance-DVR-w-Four-CCD-bullet-Cameras-KIT-Eagleeyes-Software Review Picture

Introduction Surveillance camera systems have been an important security enhancement for many public and private places and have been instrumental in helping authorities fight crimes and terrorism. Witnesses can sometimes be unreliable but security camera footages with time and date stamp have been very helpful in helping the police identify perpetrators and bring them to […]

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February 6, 2012

Swann SWDVK-425504 S 4-Channel Digital Video Recorder with Smartphone Viewing and 4 x PRO-550 Cameras

Swann-SWDVK-425504-S-4-Channel-Digital-Video-Recorder-with-Smartphone-Viewing-and-4-x-PRO-550-Cameras-Package Review Picture

Introduction Prevention is always the best protection, and this applies to the safety of your homes and properties for your children and loved ones. You can’t prevent or deter unwanted intrusions into your homes that could put your loved ones, especially your children, into harm’s way by installing surveillance or security cameras. Click Here For […]

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February 5, 2012

Samsung SHR-1041K 4CH DVR Surveillance System

Samsung-SHR-1041K-4CH-DVR-Surveillance-System-Review Picture

Introduction Large commercial and private buildings have very large areas for their security personnel to cover at all times. Although many of these buildings have stationed and roving security personnel checking every floor and section of the building, they can only do so at intervals and check on one area at a time. Click Here […]

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