January 25, 2012

CarChip Pro

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One of the most exciting events in a teenager’s life is getting their driver’s license and driving their first car, whether it’s one you gave them as a gift or one you allowed them to drive.

Parents know the feeling their teens have for they themselves were in this very same situation when they were kids themselves.

CarChip Pro

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But as responsible parents who care for their children, you would want their driving to be as safe and secured as possible and not be overshadowed by their eagerness to drive hard and drive fast – and put their lives and others at risk.

With a CarChip Pro installed in your car, you can have the system that you need to monitor everything there is to know about how the car was driven.

This includes extreme acceleration and braking situations, as well as speed and distance travelled for a particular period.

This information can give you the insights you need to understand and gauge how your kids have been driving, so you can discuss with them the safety risks they are taking – with data that you can actually show and discuss with them.

Product Description

The CarChip Pro is a monitoring and data logging system that can collect and store data about the car’s engine performance as well as comprehensive information about how it was driven.

You can set the data logging frequency which at standard settings can give you as much as 300 hours of engine and driving information.

You can monitor up to 4 car or engine parameters that you want to track such as speed, acceleration and hard braking and the alarm system to go off if the car’s performance exceeded the limits of what you set.

Measuring only 1.80” x 1.00” x 1.32’, the CarChip pro can be installed conveniently in any part of the car.

You can practically monitor and track what went on after every trip that your teenager took such as speed, distance traveled, hard accelerations, abrupt decelerations and other parameters.

The CarChip Pro data logger records and stores this information in its internal memory which you can download to a personal computer through a USB cable for further analysis.


Getting the full details about the car’s performance will give you an insight on your kid’s driving activities and an idea if such activities pose serious risks against their safety on the road.

Such information includes the number of times your kids exceeded threshold limitations that you set the alarms for as well as engine diagnostic trouble codes to see if they encountered car and engine troubles that they won’t tell you.

The data can be exported to Excel, giving you a chance to analyze the information you get.


The CarChip Pro was designed, tested and built to comply with certain car standards and protocols, putting you a cut above the rest of other vehicles that are not fully compliant with these standards and principles.

In many cases, the device encountered certain problems and malfunctions when installed onto certain engines or car models, such as vehicle stuttering when installed on vehicles with Tiptronic transmissions that are 2003 models or older.


The CarChip Pro can provide you with detailed car engine and driving performance data that can give you an insight on how safe your teenage kids are driving.

There are however, several restrictions on the car model where the device encountered problems upon installation.

The supplier provided a list of these problems though and information as to what car models was affected.

Still, if you only need basic information like distance travelled, speed information, etc, there are other data loggers available out there that will not have the same vehicular restrictions that the CarChip Pro has.

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