January 1, 2012

BrickHouse Alert Home With Fall Detection

BrickHouse Alert Home With Fall Detection


In a report from the New England Journal of Medicine, it was clearly indicated that the chances of surviving an emergency is higher when people, in this case the elderly living independently, can call for and get immediate help.

Falling is one of the most common emergencies or accidents for Americans over the age of 65 and according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), a third of the elderly falls at least once every year.

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In the same report from the CDC, the number of seniors hospitalized because of injuries suffered from falling is five times more frequent than any other injuries.

If they do fall, 50% would require external help in order to get back up.

If there is a prolonged period before they can get help or remain completely incapacitated or helpless during emergencies, it is clearly evident that your elderly loved one should not remain independent but be placed on supportive care.

However, despite the obvious incapacities old age brings, people’s elderly loved ones would try to remain as independent as they can if they can still manage it.

Even if the your elderly loved ones live with you and your family, you and your household may not always be there at all times as you have your own personal matters to attend to outside of your home: work, school, etc.

But thanks to advanced technologies, personal medical alert systems like the BrickHouse Alert Home with Fall Detection are now available.

Such devices can ensure that your elderly loved ones get the help they need when they experience an accident or emergency – all this done through Automatic Fall Detection or by a single push of the Panic Button.

Product Description

The BrickHouse Alert Home with Fall Detection is the first medical alert system designed specifically for the elderly or the disabled that has a built-in automatic fall detector that sends out an alert to a central help center – signaling them to
send out an emergency response team to the user’s location.

The device is also built with a personal panic button which users can use in the case of emergencies.

Operating at 315 MHz, the unit comes with a BrickHouse Alert Base Station that is hooked up to your standard telephone line to connect to the centralized help center.

It makes use of a NI-MH 9.6 V, 1.8 Ah, type GP 0-9912-G Battery Pack that has 3 years transmitter battery life for typical usage.

It can also serve as a two-way home monitoring system that will help the user with medication reminders and other similar tasks needed by the elderly user.


What of the best things people like about the BrickHouse Alert Home with Fall Detection system is the automatic fall detector that sends out the calls for help during emergencies – even if the elderly is incapacitated to ask help themselves or is unable to push the panic button.

The two-way voice communication capability would also be a great feature. In an emergency situation, the elderly would certainly feel fear and panic, but the soothing voice of a help center operator can quell the fear by reassuring the emergency victim that help is on its way.


The BrickHouse Alert Home with Fall Detection is a great tool to have if you want to take care of your elderly.

However, the monthly subscription may be a financial strain to many although most would have no qualms in paying extra if it means giving your elderly loved ones higher levels of safety when living independently.

Another issue for some users is that the system only works with standard telephone lines and will not work with a VoIP or a Vonage-based network.


It’s a fact that the elderly would need extra help particularly in times of emergencies when there is no one else around to extend help.

However, most seniors also value their independence and would want to maintain a normal routine in their lives as much as they can.

Medical alert systems like the BrickHouse Alert Home with Fall Detection are great tools to have around with them in case of emergencies, ensuring that they get sufficient help and assistance when they fall or encounter other emergencies – making life easier and more comfortable for them.

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