October 17, 2015

Attracting Women – Myths About Female Friends By Mirabelle Summers

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Video Summary

Know that if you are just friend, women see you as a friend

Women usually wait for guys to show whether or not he can see them as more than just a friend but guys often think that if they become friends to start with then they can build attraction on this solid basis but women do not work in this way. if you want to be more than just friends then this is something that you need to be working on right from the off go.

Otherwise, she will assume that you are NOT attracted to her in that way, and she will file you as just a friend in her own mind and when a woman has done this it is pretty hard to change the goal posts.

Don’t use your female friends to practice on

If you are testing out your attraction skills on female friends this will only lead to disaster somewhere along the road. You will confuse your friend, who may think you like her in THAT way and this can then get messy and end the friendship. OR you will get mixed responses from your female friend, and could confuse those responses as being how all women act but you are actually confusing attraction with friendship.

Get out of your just friends comfort zone and make love happen

If you like a woman then you just need to be honest with yourself about this and go after her right away, making it very clear that you are interested and see what happens. If she does not feel the same way, then sure, you can move on to being just good friends if that is what you want, but don’t try things the other way round.

Just remember that she may well like you and is just waiting to see a green light from you. Being ‘friends’ with her if you want more tells her the green light is most definitely off so try and understand how differently women see this area to men.

Don’t appear to have tons of female friends

Another thing to note is that a lot of women can be put off by the man who has tons of female friends – women want to be the only one who you hang out with and share your ‘stuff’ with so if you are trying to impress a woman by appearing to ‘get on with women’ this may be driving them away rather than drawing them to you.

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