October 17, 2015

Art Of Seduction – Making A First Impression By Mirabelle Summers

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Video Summary

Don’t hover around her – it freaks her out

If you hang around for too long with a woman this can turn a great flirtation into a non event. Impose an end point to all of your conversations with women. Get in, make an impression and then get out whilst things are still great.

This leaves her with a really good impression of you and it also proves that you’re not needy and you look like a guy with a lot of options.

Create a great exit

The way to avoid what we have just talked about in point no one is to create a great exit. Let her know as you arrive, that you have a time limit to the time spent chatting, for example. ‘hey, great to see you, I can;t chat for long as I have to meet my mate but…’

This helps her relax and appreciate your time a little more and it means that you don’t run into any awkward silences and not knowing how and when to exit the conversation.

Keep it light and breezy

Think of something that will make her smile and keep it light and breezy. You want to swoop in, make her feel great and then leave so that she wonders when she will see you again and  associate you as being one of the good, level headed guys.

Men who hang around and make it heavy drag the energy down, and a woman just wants to get away from him.

The idea of this first impression is to leave her wanting more, so think of it like the starter at a three course meal. Offer a little taste of what’s on the menu and if she likes it she will soon come back for more.

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