February 26, 2012

A Healing Path in Therapy Through Past-Life Regression

I never realized the impact of what would happen once my clients experienced being led back to negative cell memory imprints through past-life regression.

It had become one of my most powerful techniques to use in therapy with clients particularly in working through unresolved grief issues.

The effect on me as well was life changing.

Having been a marriage and family therapist in private practice since 1986, I decided to add some tools to my repertoire by being trained as a NLP Hypnotherapist in 1990 followed by learning past-life regression techniques with Dr. Brian Weiss in 1991.

Jennifer was the first client in 1991 that I regressed to past lifetimes.

Her story and the healing through her childhood sexual abuse and the tools she took forward with her seventeen years later to deal with the violent murder of her daughter and still be able to call this her happiest lifetime is a testament to the soul’s capacity for healing.

It became the subject of my first book, “Stepping Into My Happiest Lifetime.”

There are other client’s stories that are just as striking.

It has been a phenomenal study for those clients that have had significant rage issues.  It can go to the core of the anger in a single session.

One client in particular absolutely raged at her husband day in and day out.  He was far from perfect but the level of her rage baffled her as well.

She reached a very deep trance state easily and once there found a lifetime in the 1700’s with her present husband where he had captured her as a young girl to sell her into slavery to make money.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she described the pain of the ropes connecting her neck to her wrists.

He rode his horse as he dragged her around in front of other men, taunting them to buy her.

All she could think of was how to kill him.  After we explored that lifetime in depth, I took her to the end at her death when her soul rose above her body.

I did the healing work with her to forgive the man in that lifetime who had treated her so badly.

She knew the man in that life was the same soul in this lifetime that was her husband.

There is soul recognition through the eyes.  I had to do the healing work several times in different ways because the level of her rage had been so profound.

But by the time I was counting back from 5 to 1 she was very much at peace.

The extreme level of unexplained rage towards her husband had disappeared and she felt very differently towards him in that respect….in one session.

Ginger was another client that I worked with for several months using traditional cognitive-behavioral therapy. She carried with her a high level of rage after her boyfriend of 15 years who came from complicated circumstances committed suicide.

I knew we needed a different therapeutic technique.  Her level of rage was so intense that she would bring in reams of writing every week to her session filled with passionate furious feelings.

Never having been able to say good-bye or understand what had driven him to that point of self-destruction made her feel crazy.

I regressed her with the message for her to go to the place of that negative cell memory.  She went back to a lifetime in the 1800’s where her lover in this lifetime had been her husband and the love and passion of her life in that time.

She had been the happiest she had ever been with two wonderful daughters, living a ladies life on a manor with many servants and much grandeur.

It had been the ideal life until her fifties when she was at home one day and her husband had taken off for a horse ride.  She hadn’t wanted him to go but he assured her he’d be fine.

She was called soon after and told that her husband had fallen off his horse and broken his neck.  He was dead.

Her level of grief was uncontrollable and her anger that he had left her, the love of her life, haunted her for the rest of that lifetime until she died in her eighties.

I had Ginger watch her soul rise above her body at her death in that life and do the healing exercises to bring closure.

There was an intense look on her face as she told me that she could sense her former lover that had killed himself in this life was nearby.

She refused to turn her head to look at him.  She was still so angry with him.

When she came out of hypnosis and we processed what had happened, it became more apparent to me that there could be an opportunity to do further healing of unresolved grief by having clients have healing conversations with the soul that had transitioned.

She was not ready for another couple of months to do that but the seed had been planted.

One day she came in and decided that it was time.

I regressed her and she went straight between lifetimes.

She had a long conversation with him and was able to ask him all of the questions that had been on her lips for years now.

He answered them all and with a healing embrace (where apparently on that level is felt as souls merging into one), she was able to come out of hypnosis feeling peaceful and completely resolved with her grief.

Between understanding that she never got resolution when he died on horseback in a past life and feeling the trigger of that anger when he committed suicide in this lifetime, she was finally able to understand the source of her emotions, gain further clarity, forgive and move on…..in two sessions.

This is phenomenal work to me.

Are there past lives?

Are people really able to access the sacred space between lifetimes and speak to souls that have moved on?

Or as Dr. Carl Jung stated, is this the collective unconscious that that the client has tapped into to create healing for themselves?

Is this the metaphor for their issues that manifests in order for them to be whole again?

Whatever one chooses to believe, the results are in.

Past-life regression is a very valuable tool to be used by the therapist as needed.  The grief work and a couple of examples I described are but a couple of ways in which clients can be helped.

The stories are as fascinating and endless as one would have time to listen to.

I look forward to each and every journey I take with clients to their soul memories and the healing that accompanies them.

About the author

Petey Silveira has more than 30 years of combined experience as a marriage and family therapist, author, radio show host, and spiritual teacher.

Trained in traditional mental health counseling, past-life regression and hypnotherapy, Petey guides her clients to their path of healing, peace and clarity through the mind, body and soul connection.

Petey’s recent book, Musings To Help The Soul Remember, is a testament to her ability to create peace in people’s lives.

Through daily meditation, Petey receives healing and inspirational messages in the form of insightful metaphors, known as “musings.”

As reader’s journal after reading each of the 60 musings, they begin feeling a profound shift in consciousness and reveal the path to their happiest lifetime.

You can have an inkling as to what it is about when you listen to her CD, Musings To Help The Soul Remember, a unique collection of 30 new inspirations for your body, mind and soul that are completely different from her book.

She also has created two guided meditation CD’s on Finding Your Path To Peace and Finding Your Soul’s Purpose.

Petey’s expertise as an author, radio show host and life coach is shared as she is now embarking on a series of speaking engagements throughout the country.

Her personality, wit and knowledge are easily seen as New Pathway To Healing blogtalkradio show host and during her workshops on receiving your own answers within yourself through meditation.

You can read her daily inspirational musings and healing messages on her blog at http://newpathwaytohealing.com or through her facebook fan page.

Petey received her master’s in marriage and family therapy from the University of Virginia in 1977.

After nine years as a counselor in special education schools, Petey established her private practice in 1986 as a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Petey was certified in NLP Hypnotherapy, followed by intensive training in past-life regression techniques with Dr. Brian Weiss in 1991.

As a member of the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies she is one of the few trained past-life regression therapists, Petey is often requested for private sessions, group workshops and seminars throughout the United States.



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