February 17, 2011

8 Tips On How To Seduce A Woman

8 Tips On How To Seduce A Woman

You are attracted to a smart beautiful woman, and you want to take your relationship to the next level; how do you seduce her?

Most women secretly want two things in a man. A man who is a good provider, and a man who knows how to really seduce them. In this article, I want to focus on how to seduce women. Here are some approaches which will work for you and spice up your relationship.

Seduction strategy #1

Do your homework.

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As cheesy as this may sound, if you don’t regularly hear from women that you are hot, or that you naturally exude sexuality, then you are gonna need some help in this area.

Tape the following: movies with Antonio Banderas in them, any daytime soap opera, any movie with Richard Gere in it, and a few episodes of Dancing with the Stars.

This may be difficult for you, but your homework assignment is to watch the men, seduce the women. See how the men enter a room, watch their body language, their mannerisms, their gestures, and their clothing.

See how they exude confidence and look at women as if they are visualizing having sex with each of them one at a time.

Seduction Strategy #2

Personalize your homework project.

Now, you are going to expand your initial assignment of watching other men, to finding ways to apply what you have seen to your dating life.

What I mean by this is that you need to write down 5-10 things that you observed in these very seductive men and over time, make them a part of your seduction strategy.

The key to being successful here, is to pick out things which while awkward at first, are things which (with practice) can become natural for you.

For example, you may decide to ‘borrow’ a seductive way of looking at a woman from watching Antonio Banderas. You may decide to ‘borrow’ seductive clothing tips from Richard Gere.

Perhaps, you like the non-verbal body language of one of the male soap stars, or how one of them talks in a soft spoken, provocative way to the women on the show.

See what is working as a successful seductive presence for other men, practice it until it becomes second nature, and implement it when you are with the woman you love.

Seduction Strategy #3

Tape yourself having a seductive conversation.

Grab a Dictaphone from the office, and practice having an imaginary conversation with the woman you are attracted to. Once you have recorded it, listen to your voice tone, is it sexy?

Listen to the words you choose, are they sexual and provocative? Are you conveying to the ‘woman’ that you are fun, exciting, and hot? If not, re-wind the tape and practice these aspects of your dialogue.

Use insinuations and double entendre in your conversation. You don’t have to use profanity or sex terms.

Usually, implying or suggesting indirectly what you want to do to a woman, is more sexy and seductive, than vulgar, explicit language. Practice.

Seduction Strategy #4

Spend some quality time thinking of seductive topics of conversation.

You have practiced your approach, now you need to brainstorm seductive conversation topics.

Some suggestions are to get her talking about her ultimate romantic dream vacations, her personal fantasies, her favorite romantic movies and specific scenes from these movies, her favorite romantic setting and locations, ie walking on the beach at sunset, South Africa, Cabo….

Grab your recorder again, and this time, now that you have mastered the voice inflections, tone, and words, add the seductive topic of conversation to the mix, and work on adding seductive, sexy content.

Seduction Strategy #5

Practice seductive compliments.

Sure, you have complimented your woman in the past, but now you’ve got to turn up the heat. Make your compliments a bit more personal, a bit more provocative.

Compliment her freckles, her dimples, how her nose crinkles when she laughs, how her eyes sparkle, how she melts when she sees a puppy dog or a little kitten, or a cute child.

Talk about how fabulous she looks and smells. Talk about some aspect of the way she looks and why you think she is hot.

Seduction Strategy #6

Add a dash of familiar touching and body language.

Lean in when you whisper to her in hushed tones. Give her loving gazes. Brush up against her. Touch her leg or thigh, run your hand down her arm, give her passionate kisses.

The more often you touch her, the more you will be communicating to her that you want to know her physically and intimately.

Seduction Strategy #7

Take up ballroom dancing.

Many women have a fantasy being swept off of their feet by their prince charming. Refresh your memory by watching Antonio Banderas, in any of his dance films, and recent episodes of Dancing with the Stars. Women are attracted to men, who can waltz, tango, or rumba.

These dances are hot and sexy and women love men, who can confidently lead them onto the dance floor and pull off a close, dance number. Think of all of the Cinderella-type movies. Think about dance scenes in the Sound of Music.

Think of Dirty Dancing and other classic flicks that make women swoon with passion. If you haven’t seen these, watch them. Women melt when men can dance and hold them close.

Once you have learned some dance moves, take her out for a night on the town and show her what you’ve got.

Seduction Strategy #8

If she has identified a seductive romantic setting, set the mood and take her there.

If she loves to walk along the beach, take her there. If she loves candle light and music, create this atmosphere for her. If she loves exhilarating adventure, create it for her.

Look at episodes from The Bachelor to get ideas of romantic settings and food. Find ways to seduce her with the food, the lighting, and the ambiance.

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