March 18, 2011

8 Tips On How to Make My Boyfriend Commit

Okay, so you’re seeing this guy regularly, sex is okay and almost everything’s doing fine with him.

Except for one thing, he has not committed to you yet. You’ve been in the dark about his true feelings for you, let alone his future plans.

He has not introduce you to his family and friends even if you’re already going out for 6 months or perhaps; he has not talked about marriage even though you’ve been together for a couple of years.

Your guts tell you that there’s no “other woman” but why can’t he just commit? It’s either he thinks you’re not the one yet or maybe, he’s just plainly afraid.

What to do now? The tips listed below can definitely help you out.

1. Make him feel special

You do not have to treat him like a king to make him feel special.

Listen to him intently as if he’s the only man in the world and pay attention to his wants and needs. There’s a huge difference between spoiling a boyfriend and showing him how special he is.

You should also show him that you care for him alone, not for his new car or perhaps, for his life status. You love him because you do- no other extensions.

Do not just be interested in what he has but focus on who he is.

2. Be yourself

Even early on the relationship, you have to be yourself as much as you can. Let’s say he’s into rock music but you aren’t. Do not pretend that you’re a rock chic, too.

You can say you’re not really familiar with the music he’s listening to but if you’re willing to give his kind of music a try, let him know about it.

Being yourself and natural about things will surely make him do the same. The more you are relaxed and true in your approach with the relationship, the more he will most likely to be true to you, too.

3. Avoid giving unsolicited advice

This is a little bit connected to what was already mentioned earlier in tip #1.

If your boyfriend tells you how his work sucks or how worried he is in losing his job, do not directly give him advice and tell him what he’s supposed to do about it.

Wait for him to ask for it. Your willingness to listen is what he needs, not your advice.

4.Talk about fidelity if you think there’s a need for it

A good of number of women are afraid to discuss monogamy with their respective partners.

However, if you want your boyfriend to commit, you have to let him know and feel that all you want is him alone. He may appear nonchalant at first but he will secretly be flattered and will start feeling secure about it.

Let him know that you are willing to commit; he may protest or act silly at first but behind the curtain, he’s actually breathing a huge sigh of relief and may start making that first step into commitment himself.

5. Do not let him splurge on you (Or maybe just once)

Do not make him feel like you’re only into him because you want him to buy whatever it is that you fancy.

He may wake up one morning and ask himself, “What have I gotten myself into?”

It may look and sound okay for him early on but he will eventually have second thoughts about it as you both progress into the relationship.

Avoid making him feel that you are high-maintenance and too costly.

Give him the choice to decide by himself on how often he’ll splurge on you. If possible, pick up the tab yourself sometimes.

You can prepare dinner for him at home and spend quality time with each other instead of going somewhere fancy.

This rule also applies even if you’re seeing a rich guy. Offering to meet him halfway sometimes is a sign that you care for him and that you are already to commit.

And if you already are, he will most likely follow your footsteps.

6. Avoid making him jealous

Most women make the mistake of letting their man get jealous so he’ll chase her and step up his game.

However, this may not be exactly the case. Avoid discussing past lovers, unless he asks. Also, do not talk about other guys that have been checking you out.

If you seriously want him to commit, be loyal and show your boyfriend that you’ll stick with him no matter what. The truth is that men are also insecure with their sexual desirability and appeal.

7. Give him sense of freedom

No man wants to feel chained to a relationship. As a woman, you may be looking forward to having children and buying a new house.

However, this may not the case for men. Majority of guys still want to maintain their old routines and keep the “old life”.

This is one of the reasons why they find it difficult to commit, they are afraid of not being able to watch their favorite sports show on weeknights anymore or have beer with the guys on weekends.

Assure him that he can still see his friends even if you’re both already in a serious relationship.

You do not want your man to be left out and have his feel sorry for him.

8. Ask him about his family and friends

The first step into letting him meet his family and friends is to ask him about them. Be genuinely interested to those people dear to him.

He should be able to see that you are paying attention to these people and that you are ready to accept them as a part of your life.

The moment he introduces you to his family and friends, you are on your way towards making him commit.

Always maintain an open communication with your man.

By doing so, he will definitely see that there’s nothing for you to hide, you are more than ready to commit and he should do the same thing, too.

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