February 7, 2011

7 Tips On How To Turn On A Woman

7 Tips On How To Turn On A Woman

When it comes to sex and dating most men simply do not have a clue. This is because most of them can become aroused by the sight of a pretty model on a billboard but things are a bit different for women.

Sometimes I think the creator of the universe was playing a seriously cruel joke on the human race.

Men are sexually charged up and ready to go with a simple smile, similar to pressing a button or clicking a switch while with women it is more like trying to drive a stick shift up a steep hill, let the clutch out too fast and she will stall out.

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To start with you should understand that women are just as sexual as men are. Ok the truth is most women are even more sexual then men are. It is just a simple matter of… er… changing gears.

Turning a woman on takes a little finesse and a clear understanding of how sex and the female mind actually works.

The main problem is a simple one really, the human brain can only think about and process seven things at any given moment. For men one of the things that is always lurking in the forefront of the mind is sex.

They can be thinking about taxes, getting the car fixed, analyzing the report for next week’s budget meeting, the football scores from last week and sex. No matter what the other six things are, a man is considering, sex is on the list. For women however sex is not usually on the list at all.

Now that you have a clear understanding of the problem, the question of how to turn a woman on becomes much clearer. Below you will find a few tips to help you not only get sex on your woman’s mind but get it to the most important spot on the list.

1. Senses: Men are often visually stimulated. The sight of a beautiful woman in a magazine without her shirt bent over or a walk on a beach where hotties in bikinis are running around can often be all it takes to knock every other thought out of their heads and get them thinking about sex.

Women however are not turned on by sight alone. For women, all of the senses must be engaged to get her attention, so just taking off your shirt and bending over is not going to do it. She may just ask you what you are looking for on the floor.

There are five senses that you can use to engage the interest of a woman, sound, touch, scent, taste, and sight.

2. Voice: Believe it or not guys the sound of your voice and what you are saying can be a very powerful turn on for a woman. But just hearing you complain about your boss or talk about the basketball game is not going to do it.

Tip: To use your voice to turn her on try walking up behind her and without touching her whisper in her ear. Say something romantic like “hmmm you smell wonderful” or “have I told you lately how beautiful you are?” then gently kiss the side of her neck and walk away.

Not only did you just use your voice but you also added a little anticipation and touch to the mix, two other things we are going to look at.

3. Touch: Touch is incredibly important to a woman, just taking her hand while you are walking or touching the small of her back when guiding her through a door can mean more then the action itself to her.

4. Smell: Yea guys we know you like stinky things why else would the sentence, ”eww smell this” evoke such fond childhood memories for you? But for us gals a smell should be good or avoided like the plague.

Tip: Take a shower and perhaps light a scented candle or two which brings us to sight.

5. Sight: Although the sense of sight is the least important sense in your ‘how to turn a woman on’ arsenal it is still important to a point. The sight of a filthy dirty room will make her want to either leave or clean it up which will totally wipe out all the hard work you have done thus far turning her on.

Tip: Clean the room, turn off the television, dim the lights and light a few scented candles before starting your master seduction scene.

6. Anticipation: If you really want to supercharge your big seduction scene then it pays to start early and build up the anticipation.

Women love to anticipate things and to be surprised. Start off her day with a big bang by calling her at work to tell her how sexy she looked while she was sleeping with her hair all messy and no makeup on.

You can also text her a few times but a phone call will allow you to use your voice.

7. Subtlety: If you have been paying close attention you may have noticed that everything written so far requires a little subtlety. Women do not take well to the ‘you Tarzan, me Jane’ mentality so hitting her in the head and dragging her back to your cave is probably not going to work.

Soft gentle touches, tantalizing scents and a quiet voice all go a long way toward turning a woman on.

Although most of what is written her requires that you already have a relationship with the woman many of these tips will also work for someone you have just met.

For instance instead of telling the woman how sexy she looked while she was sleeping call her at work and tell her how much you are looking forward to seeing her that evening. This will build anticipation as well as remind her you have a date just in case she forgot.

One thing you need to understand is no two women are the same and what may work for one may not work for another but just the fact that you are reading this would turn most women on because the biggest turn on is to know you are interested enough to work to turn on a woman.

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