February 25, 2011

6 Tips On How To Make Him Miss You

6 Tips On How To Make Him Miss You

1. Be a man magnet

Be the woman that no man can imagine being without. It’s easier than you think! Women on the whole, over complicate things when it comes to matters of the heart.

We start out great – being ourselves, living in the moment, but then we start to over analyse things. Women seem to do it more than men – or at least they vocalise it more than men do.

And if there is one thing that makes a guy feel like he wants to run for the hills, it’s a woman asking ‘where is this heading?’ too soon into a relationship.

Don’t be that ‘heavy’ woman, just relax and be yourself! Through keeping things fun and light, he is far more likely to open up before you even have to ask where things are heading.

Men are programmed today, to believe that all women are hard work. Prove your guy wrong and be the woman who lights up his room and life! This will have him missing you as soon as you have left the car!

2. Throw in a little tease-fest here and there!

Men are visual creatures. They adore ‘seeing’ you, and appreciating your outer beauty. This does not mean that they are not just as into your inner beauty, don’t get me wrong.

But it’s just a fact of life, that men notice the packaging more than women do. So, keep him on his toes by surprising him once in a while. Now, there is a fine line between a sexy treat that oozes confidence and something that airs desperation and attention seeking.

So only carry this out when you are feeling like you can take on the world.

Turn up, looking absolutely stunning, maybe a classic black figure hugging dress and stockings, or even more risqué – a Basque and stockings under a coat to his place of work.

The trick here is to keep things ‘brief’ – pop and say hello, and tell him that you have lots of treats in store for him… and then lean in and kiss him and turn and walk away.

Guaranteed that he will not be able to get you out of his mind.

Not only because you looked edible, but because you caught him off guard, and were not afraid to demonstrate your confidence in your own skin and sexuality, yet did not use ‘sex’ to get his attention as you walked away.

3. Be his rock

Despite what society would have us think, men are actually sensitive beings, and do need support just as much as women do.

However, men and women communicate in totally different ways. Whilst women need to talk things over, not necessarily looking for a solution right away, men prefer to be a ‘fixer’.

They don’t want to talk for hours about their feelings, they’d rather focus on what they can do about things. A woman may feel that in talking and trying to offer advice, she is showing her love and support.

But a man may read this as her saying that his way is not good enough and she wants to step in and take on the role of the fixer.

So next time your man has a dilemma, rather than talk talk talk, simply reassure him that you have faith in him, and know that he will do whatever is right for HIM to do.

Be his rock, have his back, be his number one supporter, and he will feel like he has all he needs, and will miss you when you are absent.

4. Don’t mother and smother him!

Links to the point above – men like to feel that they can sort their own lives out, and feel amazing when their woman offers unconditional faith and trust in his ability to do so.

Women are known for nurturing and mothering – but try and leave this to the children. A man does not need someone to pick up his socks or ask him if he has his keys – he is quite capable of doing and knowing these everyday things himself.

The sooner you adopt this mothering role, the sooner you can kiss goodbye to that passion and spark, and expect him to see you more as a nagger, than someone he craves to spend time with!

5. Play a little hard to get – regardless of how long you have been together

Men are hunters, fact. Men love to feel that they have a target in sight and that they can work out how to get from A to B.

This excites them and fires them up. Even if you have moved in with your man, or are married perhaps, always make sure that you play a little hard to get.

This is not the same as playing games. But it is a healthy boundary that you set from day one, which means that you value having time to yourself, and give your relationship the space it needs to breathe.

Don’t pick up the phone on the first ring every time, don’t sit online waiting for him to log on – don’t plan your every waking moment around what your guy fancies doing.

Make your own plans too, and give him space to do his own thing. You will miss each other and have lots more to talk about.

And showing that you are independent is an extremely attractive quality that will keep him on his toes. Show that you don’t NEED him but you choose to be with him – and if he wants to keep you, he has to work at it.

6. Appeal to his sense of adventure

Men adore adventure. They love to use language that is powerful, and they like to be able to see things coming together in the future. Men get frustrated when they feel there is no resolution and they are going round in circles.

So appeal to his sense of adventure and plan high energy trips, activities, talk about the future with passion and use language that conjures the images of building things, rather than talking about feelings all of the time.

Make him feel as though he is the King of his castle and is building his empire – men love to feel that they have come up with the idea and are creating something that will in turn impress you.

So go out on adventures and watch him shine as you praise him for winning! He will feel a million dollars and will associate you with being the woman who makes him feel like a KING.

He will want to spend more and more time with you!



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