January 10, 2011

5 Tips On How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Our society has often suggested that diamonds are forever and that they are a girl’s best friend.

Although these familiar quotes appeal to women in general, sadly these cliché’s can be a mind-blowing torturous fact for men.

The pressure instilled in looking for your girlfriend’s perfect “best friend” can truly be a burden for most men and in some cases the adverse bridal reaction can really last forever.

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If you ask about the genius responsible for starting this whole engagement ring tradition, well, you can pretty much trace it back to the old Egyptian era, who believed that the circle represented the bond of a couple.

Then it was the Romans who decided it was to be placed on the fourth left finger because it was on that finger that the vena amoris (vein of love) begins.

And if you want to be really specific, you can blame a guy named Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor who was thought to have begun the diamond engagement ring practice when he gave one to a chick named Mary of Burgundy in 1477.

So before we get into the details on ring-shopping Do’s and Don’ts let it be known to men that, if it is any consolation, you should know that what you are about to give to the woman of your dreams is a tradition preserved by a series of centuries, handed down from one broke generation of men to another.

You are not alone, my friend!

To ensure that you can get the big YES from your woman here are a few steps on how to shop for the engagement ring of her choice:

1. Profiling the subject:

Is she the classy Jackie-Onassis-meets-Elizabeth-Taylor, high maintenance, socialite type who prefers elegant and sophisticated diamond cuts on her jewelry?

If that’s the case then you better make sure you can make adjustments to your budget.

These types usually won’t fall for a round cut diamond which is a very common engagement ring of choice.

Hint: She might want to be best friends with diamonds with names like Asscher, The Leo, and Hearts on Fire.

If she is more of an outdoor, adventurous, “Survivor” cast member type then you might want to consider looking for a ring that does not have prongs that protrude, or gems large enough that it could scratch surfaces during her outwit, outlast and outplay moments.

2. “Tell me who your friends are then I can tell what ring you like”

In episode 60 of Season 4 of the hit TV series Sex and the City entitled ‘Just Say Yes’, Carrie found her boyfriend’s surprise engagement ring’s secret hiding place.

Her reaction upon seeing the piece of diamond on a gold ring was what we can consider as a not-so-positive response.

She later confided with her girl friends and told them that the ring did not represent her personality at all. It didn’t quite seem to match up to who she was.

At the end of that episode he decided to propose with a different ring, a silver one this time- thanks to one of her girl friends who tipped him on the bad ring.

The moral of this story is to learn to befriend the girl friends.

The universally sacred feminine sisterhood can be the best source of information and can be the most accurate form of reference to any dating needs, simply because women really do tell all when it comes to sharing details of their love life to their friends.

From the sordid details of a bad first date kiss to the last time you uttered the words ‘this never happened before’ there is no stopping of the female verbal floodgates.

3. Make sure the bling is real.

Some women, being emotionally sensitive creatures that God created them to be, have the tendency to use symbolisms when it comes to their decision makings in relationships.

There is no rocket-scientist formula for this phenomenon. It’s quite a simple algebra equation that goes something like this: if A is fake, and A= B, then B is fake and the whole world is doomed and you’re moving out!

These women tend to equate everything that you do or give with how much you love them. So make sure you do not press the wrong buttons especially when it comes to proposing.

There are many ways to spot a fake ring.

First, a diamond grading report is what you might want to ask for. This is authenticity certification issued by gemological laboratories, (GIA, EGL, AGS), ensuring that a diamond is real.

Then there’s also the newsprint technique. All you need to do is to turn a loose diamond upside down on newsprint.

If you can read the entire sports section through it chances are it’s not real.

Another method is to check the inner part of the band and make sure that the ring has gold or platinum indicators engraved within it.

This is simple, basic, common sense really: Expensive stones do not belong on cheap metals.

And the most commonly-known diamond test that we see on TV is the breathe-into-it method.

After literally just breathing into the diamond, it should not look foggy by the time you look at it.

4. Finger Fitness

Women are very particular with the way they look, especially in the aspect of their size.

Size is a very sensitive aspect for women and so you and your ring better make sure that the way her finger looks is being complemented as well.

You want her to look at the ring and see the ring, not at how fat her fingers look because that’s inevitably going to open Pandora’s Box, believe me.

Therefore, aside from the diameter of the ring, certain aesthetic considerations must also be made, for example, women with thick, short fingers may look more refined with elongated rocks such as ovals or a marquise diamond.

Thick fingers should never wear wide bands, nor should they wear rocks that are too small because these will only emphasize and draw attention to the size of the already-huge finger, making the stones look too tiny.

5. The price is right

Being smart about the cost of the ring can be very tricky. Compare the retail prices of the ring that you are eyeing for.

If you happen to run into a store that gives a ridiculously affordable price, chances are, the ring could be fake or too common.

On the other hand if you get across a ring that’s going to cost you an arm and a leg all you need to do is keep in my that you also need to have enough money to pay for a wedding… or at least the ride home from the jewelers.

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