February 3, 2012

2MB USB Key Logger


The Internet has opened people to a whole new world of information like never before with a single click of the mouse button or a few strokes of the keyboard.

It has made research faster and much more convenient, making it easier for your kids to work on their homework and other school projects in a shorter span of time instead of spending countless hours sorting through books or going to the library.

2MB USB Key Logger

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However, the Internet can also expose your child to all the perils of the online world.

Even if parents put some sort of restrictions to websites that they want their kids to avoid, there are still some ways to work their way around the blocking filters.

With an unlimited access to the Internet, your kids are exposed to all sorts of negative stuff available in the online world.

Aside from that, they can fall prey to lawless individuals and scammers they have no experience dealing with.

What parents need is to equip their computers with the 2MB USB Key Logger so they can track what their kids are doing online.

They can check if their kids have been accessing websites that they should not go to or have been downloading software and music from illegal download site.

They can also check chat messages and exchanges for cyber-bullying, scams, and other communications with other people that may not be good for the safety and welfare of your children.

Product Description

The 2MB USB Key Logger measures only 1.4” x 0.5” x 0.75” and will blend well with your personal computer’s hardware and cabling setup.

It is Plug-and-Play – simply connect it between your USB keyboard and the USB port of your computer and it will immediately start recording up to six months worth of keystrokes under normal use and stores the information in its built-in 2MB memory.

It is compatible with either Windows or Linux operating systems and will not interfere nor detected by any running programs or software and will not use any system resources, making it completely discreet and undetectable.


Unlike software keystroke loggers which is activated only when the operating system starts up, the 2MB USB Key Logger can start recording the moment the computer is turned on, making it possible for parents to intercept their children’s passwords which they can use to monitor their kid’s online activities for their protection.

Simply unplug the device from the source computer and read the keystroke contents at another for more discreet analysis of what goes on with your kids online.


Some kids are computer proficient and might notice the additional item attached to the USB port for the keyboard that suddenly appeared and was not there the last time they checked.

This will prompt them to investigate further which will eventually result in the discovery of the device and its intended function.


The Internet is full of good stuff that can really help you and your kids, but it is also packed with not-so-good materials that would be detrimental to the welfare and safety of your kids.

Protect them from engaging in such kinds of activities by taking action right from the start and before everything gets worse – and do it all with the help of the 2MB USB Key Logger.

Click Here For 2MB USB Key Logger

Disclaimer: Spying may be an offense in your jurisdiction or country to monitor the activities of other individuals. So depending on where you are located, please consult your attorney before resorting to any spying.



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