January 1, 2012

1000 Feet Single Patient Emergency Response Unit


One of the most difficult situations for our elderly loved ones, particularly those living alone, is in getting immediate medical attention when accidents or emergencies occur.

They could be suffering from a sudden onset of a symptom or medical breakdown because of an existing illness, or they may find themselves in a helpless situation after accidentally tripping or falling down, rendering them completely incapacitated to call out for help.

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Knowing the high possibility of such scenarios occurring in the elderly or the disabled, medical researchers and technologists developed home or mobile medical alert systems for the elderly such as the 1000 Feet Single Patient Emergency Response Unit.

When an emergency or an accident strikes, the elderly merely pushes the button on a transmitting alert device, sending a signal to the base station which in turn initiates contact with an external monitoring station – who will take action in response to the emergency.

Such medical alert systems are proven to be of good help to many families, particularly those with elderly parents or grandparents who prefer living alone.

With this device operating at constant alert status inside the elderly loved one’s home, other members of the family are assured that immediate response actions will be rendered during emergencies – proving to be a great reliever of stress and worries.

Product Description

Commercially known as the ERU-900 Wireless Emergency Response Unit, the system consists of a wireless radio transmitter embedded in a small device that can be worn by the elderly such as a pendant.

Along with that is a base unit with console that is equipped with microphone and a two-way speaker. It operates on a 900 MHz receiver/dialer system with a long indoor range of up to 1000 feet.

A pre-recorded emergency message is stored within the base station database.

This message can contain vital information about the patient or the elderly person’s condition that would be valuable for emergency response teams in helping them prepare the correct emergency actions and procedures.

Once the alert device is pressed, the base station calls designated emergency numbers and plays the pre-recorded message.

The 1000 Feet Single Patient Emergency Response Unit is equipped with an easy programming LCD display panel for easy interface with the device programming and test units.

The base station is equipped with a two-way speaker and communication system, allowing the external monitoring station to initiate a two-way conversation with the elderly person in jeopardy.

The unit is also equipped with a battery backup unit to keep the device operational during power failures for up to 24 hours or more.


Users and family members of the elderly using the 1000 Feet Single Patient Emergency Response Unit feels safe and secure knowing that their loved ones have a means to alert emergency response teams regarding their predicament.

Another great feature is the two-way communication capability, which allows emergency station operators to communicate with the elderly verbally, giving them a better assessment of the situation and deploy whatever is necessary in response.


The price of the 1000 Feet Single Patient Emergency Response Unit is at the higher end, considering the price of the unit that is currently valued at over $700 plus the monthly service fee in order to get the external monitoring station services.

This may not be affordable for some elderly people or their families.


There are several medical alert systems available in the market to choose from.

Some may be relatively much lower in cost and requires no monthly fees, while others have expensive units plus the monthly service fees.

However, cost should not be the only consideration for choosing a medical alert system as units like the 1000 Feet Single Patient Emergency Response Unit have excellent features that would ensure your elderly loved one’s safety – and give peace of mind for their families.

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