November 6, 2011

10 Signs He Will Never Marry Me

10 Signs He Will Never Marry Me

“Why buy the whole cow when you can get the milk for free?”, “ I would love to get buried than married”, “Marriage is a great institution, but I’m not ready for an institution (Mae West)”, “ How I feel about marriage is how you feel about Botox, painful and unnecessary ( Samantha Jones, Sex in the City the movie),”– These are just some of the few quotes that people coin when it comes to defining how they feel about marriage.

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Nonetheless, not everyone is very transparent about their opinions on the knot-tying topic, especially men.

Thus it makes women go stir crazy, trying to analyze and read through where the relationship is going.

Hence, to further assist you with the detective work, here are ways to find out if the guy you’re with is ready to marry- YOU.

1. Your family affairs

Usually, a man who doesn’t insist on meeting a woman’s parents can usually mean that he doesn’t think that the relationship is serious and going down the marriage road.

He’s only thinking short-term goals with her.

The reason for this is that men, who are not serious about marriage, do not want too many wounded fatalities when it’s time to break it off with you.

Men with sincere intentions would not pass the idea of meeting your family. They wouldn’t be so hesitant to bond with your dad in the living room or make any effort to get along with your siblings.

A man who is head-over heels crazy for a woman he wants to marry will make every effort to be liked by her mother. He’ll even make sure that the family dog loves him too.

2. Booty Call

According to the book “Why Men Marry Bitches,” by Sherry Argov, there are two types of women: the push- over doormat and the bitch. The doormats are the ones that men take for granted with late night booty calls. If he treats you like this, then he’ll never see you as his wife.

A man wants his wife to act with a certain level of self dignity and for her to be treated well with a full time commitment. Men want women who can stand up for themselves and would bolt at the first sight of disrespect.

So if he calls you at 2 in the morning and asks for sex, chances are that’s the only thing he will be asking from you. Nothing more, so don’t you expect him to ask for your hand in marriage anytime soon.

3. Let’s you pay for dinner

Men are wired to pursue the woman they want to impress- at all costs.

So if he’s not being a gentleman and lets you pay for dinner all the time then he is not that interested in you enough to even marry you. It has little to do with spending money. It has more to do with impressing you.

Men don’t really mind spending on the woman they are interested in. If a man is in love and wants to keep you forever, trust me, he will find ways to move mountains and cross seas.

4. Bachelor’s Pad

If you take a look at the guy’s place and see a stripper pole, a rotating bar in front of a pool table and an open Jacuzzi, then he might not be very ready to give up his bachelor life.

Men are very protective of their freedom. And if your guy keeps you off limits to his place then it’s probably because there’s something, or someone, in there that he doesn’t want you to see. A man ready for marriage will be very transparent with you.

5. Boys Night Out

If your man spends more time with his single buds than you then it can mean that he’s more drawn to their single lifestyle. He still wants to protect that freedom of his and he won’t be caught dead being anywhere near Tiffany’s.

If he’s still acts like a frat boy after years of dating you then it may mean that he’s happy with keeping things the way they are.

6. It’s been years!!!

In the movie, “ He’s Just Not That Into You”, the couple played by Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck have been living together for seven years and yet the subject of getting married is taking a toll on their relationship.

He wants to keep things as is, she wants to go the next step. This is a common issue when it comes to the relevance of the length of time spent together in a relationship versus chances of ever getting married.

Men are programmed to achieve end results. If a man wants to marry you, he will make it happen. But if a man won’t marry you after 10 years, there’s a chance he won’t marry you anytime soon.

If things do not seem to go anywhere, or if the subject of marriage hasn’t even been brought up at any point within almost a decade of seeing each other or living together, then you can most likely bet that he’s just dragging you along the convenience ride.

7. “Friends” with Benefits

In the book by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo entitled, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” men use the word “friend” to keep the women hooked and enjoy their company without the expectation of a boyfriend.

They take advantage of the confusing and wide, varying meaning to this overrated term to get the benefits of a girlfriend.

A man who wants to marry you will make his intentions and your labels clear. He won’t use mixed, convoluted terms to define who you are in his life.

8. Keeps the relationship open

Men who still want to keep their options open, or want you two to “explore” new terrain and want to keep the relationship nonexclusive so you can both meet other people are sure-fire specimens of the types who won’t marry you.

Men are very possessive by nature and if he sees his potential wife in you he would make every effort to keep the relationship exclusive.

If he’s serious about marrying you, he wouldn’t find any interest in meeting any other girl. Nor would he want the girl he marries to be dating any other men but him.

If he’s not slightly jealous of you dating other guys, then he’s probably not that crazy about you.

9. He doesn’t believe in marriage

How many times do we hear guys who say that they don’t believe in marriage, or that they have issues with marriage? Then we later on find them one day to be, you guessed it right, Married! How strange is that?

The obvious message here is that a man who says that he doesn’t believe in marriage is not really a marriage phobic, he’s just doesn’t believe in marrying YOU.

If he drops hints like this, then it’s about time to read into the hidden message and walk out the door.

10. Doesn’t trust you with his money

Men are secretly dead afraid of a woman who will only marry them for their money.

A man won’t tell you that what he really wants is a woman who loves him for his qualities, and not his bank account. They don’t tell you this because they don’t want to appear too mushy and needy.

If he doesn’t trust you with money then it that can be a sign that he doesn’t see you as a reliable wife potential in the future.

Men have radars for “gold diggers” and women who look at them as cash cows. Men are afraid that you will leave them when they get broke.

Case in point, they want to be reassured that you can handle taking care of their children even during hard times.

If he doesn’t trust you with money, he won’t get you anywhere near his last name or legal rights.

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  • blah blah

    I agree with some of this. But, there’s also another reason I don’t marry my girlfriend. I don’t want her to ever feel like she’s “stuck” with me. We’re not married, and have been together for 5 years. I always want her to have her own money, and the ability to just walk away from the relationship with ease if she feels like. Why? Because if I ever become some lazy, take-you-for-granted man, then I want her to have the ability to walk away from me. I see many marriages. People get married, and realize they’re locked in. So, they stop keeping things up.. their looks, their respect for each other, etc, etc. They end up in this poisonous pit together where they eventually just get a divorce and hate each others guts. They should have split long ago, but they were married, so there’s the cost of a divorce, possibly divorce lawyers, etc, etc. It’s messy. I told my gf early on that I don’t believe in marriage, because I believe it makes people complacent and feel trapped if things are going south and they feel like they can’t get out. I also told her that I do believe in long-term relationships. And, I told her that I want her to feel independent enough that she could leave me at the drop of a hat if she wanted to. By empowering her to leave, I know I have to work at the relationship every day to make sure she has a reason to stay. I’m not complacent. There is that comfort of being with someone for a long time, but I’m not thinking I can just become a slob that no longer cares and think she’ll stay with me. I was up-front with her on this when we started dating, so she knew what she was getting into when we got into a relationship. I know women see marriage as the ultimate sign of commitment, but it’s also the ultimate relationship entrapment. You get locked in, and have to pay money to leave someone that is no longer holding up their end of the deal. I don’t think that should be the case. I think people should have the power to leave someone if things aren’t working out. If you want them to stay, then you bust your ass to find ways to make it work. I see the relationship I’m in with my gf the same way that story goes about the man that opened the bird cage. When the bird was trapped with no way out it wanted out. But, when he opened the door and let the bird out, it could come and go as it pleased. So, he made an environment that enticed it to come back and stay. I know my gf is with me, because she wants to be, not because she feels trapped.

  • Vita Stefa

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