April 1, 2011

10 Signs He Is Going To Propose

While a woman’s great moment is the day of her wedding, a man’s grand event is the day when he’s going to propose.

For after all, every man dreams of proposing only once within his lifetime, so when it comes to finally kneeling down on one knee the man makes every effort to make sure he’ll never have to repeat it at another time, date or place.

Hence, here are some signs that let women in on how he plans to orchestrate the whole event.

1. Suddenly pays attention to your jewelry

Men are not obsessed with paying attention to detail unless they have a hidden agenda.

When it comes to his ego a man who is result-oriented by nature will transform into a process-oriented, micro-managing maniac.

If your boyfriend asks about your choice of jewelry and demands a specific response, chances are he’s making a mental note on your engagement ring preferences.

2. Wants to meet your parents

A guy who insists on meeting your parents is a guy who’s not kidding at all.

To most men, meeting the woman’s parents is as serious as an open heart surgery operation.

Generally speaking, they want to see the source of her roots because they know that how she’s raised as a child could unveil how she’s going to raise his children in the near future.

He wants to also get a full grasp of where she’s coming from and where better to find links to her childhood than to ask the parents who cultivated her.

3. Gets close to your friends

A man who seems to, all of a sudden, hang out with your friends when he rarely does so in the past would most likely be up to something.

A guy serious in marrying you will make an effort to get involved with your friends to either survey about your taste in rings or let them in on the surprise to make things easier for him.

Friends are the best source of your dream proposal.

He can ask them what other surprise antics other guys have impressed you with so that he can stay away from giving you a dejavu experience when he proposes. Men want to be unique.

A man wants to be remembered as the only guy who ever did one certain memorable gesture for you, especially when that gesture involves an expensive piece of diamond jewelry.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if your friends will be in on the big surprise he’s setting up.

4. A strange interest in how your fingers look

Before giving in his credit card to pay for the ring, a guy will picture how the ring would look on your fingers.

He wants to visualize the design, shape and effect of the ring in reference to your nail bed, finger length and size. He doesn’t want to go wrong with the ring especially when it will cost him an arm and a leg.

5. Eyeing the jewelry store frequently

When you go to the malls you’ll notice that the guy will begin to take interest in “randomly and spontaneously” dropping by a jewelry store for “fun”.

He’ll probably come up with some flimsy excuse for looking at rings, saying that he’s planning to buy his mom a gift for her birthday.

He’ll ask you to try on a few rings while taking a mental note of your ring size.

6. Quietly observes you

When a guy is contemplating the thought of proposing and spending his life with your for all eternity he will appear to be more reserved and secretive, but in a good way.

He will let you talk more during dinner, and he’ll just observe you more. The reason behind this is that his mind will go into that place of excitement and bliss while he’s imagining your response.

That feeling will transcend into his facial expression.

His glancing eyes will communicate his emotions as he looks at you, he’ll smile to himself more and he’ll act with such strange mystery around you.

7. Suddenly asks you to move in

“You don’t buy the car without giving it a test drive!”- This means that a man will try to mimic a married life by asking you to move in with him.

This gives him an opportunity to see your natural traits in his normal flora or environment. This is him taking a glance at how you can keep a neat drawer or at least a clean room.

He wants to see how much you can hog in the bed blankets during the night, or how you prefer to eat your breakfast cereals.

A guy who’s about to propose to you would want to get a full preview of the woman he’ll be spending the rest of his bed with.

8. Plans for the future

A man’s DNA is designed to provide. Even if you trace it through the history of time, you will be astonished at the consistency of this scientific male fact. Men are providers.

They hunt for food and build shelters. When he is trying to start a family or settle with a woman, a man will clean his hunting gear and sharpen his building tools in order to provide.

Thus, when a man is more inclined in saving more money or working very hard for a promotion to sustain his job security, that can mean that he has a clear goal ahead of him, and usually this goal involves a good school for his future kids and a comfortable home for his eventual wife.

9. Testing the Waters

If your boyfriend suddenly brings up the subject of tying the knot, opens the floodgates to marriage in many of your casual conversations and begins to “casually” ask you about your opinion on marriage there’s a huge possibility that he’ s going to propose to you.

There’s no right or wrong answer really, so don’t be afraid to answer. Just say what’s really in your mind.

Chances are he just wants to know that you’re not going to freak out when he proposes.

10. Plans for Romantic Getaways

When all the plans are in place a guy who is proposing is going to make sure you clear out your schedule for that save-the-date getaway that he’s been talking to you about.

Nonetheless, not all getaways are signs that he’ll propose, so don’t expect too much though.

What this item is just suggesting is that getaways can be that big, grand gesture he’s waiting his whole life to make. Cross your fingers!



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